Emulation movement "For the Poor - Leave No One Behind" 2021-2025 in Vietnam

What are the regulations on Emulation movement "For the Poor - Leave No One Behind" 2021-2025 in Vietnam? - Minh Ha (Thai Nguyen)

Emulation movement

Emulation movement "For the Poor - Leave No One Behind" 2021-2025 in Vietnam (Internet image) 

On April 10, 2024, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued Instruction 2579/HD-BNN-TCCB on organizing the implementation of the Emulation movement "For the Poor - Leave No One Behind" for the period 2021–2025.

Emulation movement "For the Poor - Leave No One Behind" 2021-2025 in Vietnam

(1) Emulation contents:

Based on the assigned political tasks, agencies, units, and officials, public employees, employees strive to:

- State management agencies under the Ministry: complete, with quality and on time, the guidelines for implementing policies related to poverty reduction programs. Actively research, review, integrate, amend, supplement, or propose amendments and supplements to poverty reduction policies.

- Public service providers, scientific research, and training units under the Ministry: Actively direct, guide, and support poor areas to effectively implement poverty reduction policies and programs by applying advanced techniques, transferring new technologies to production, building models, and providing training for farmers.

- Production and business enterprises, service units: take proactive and positive actions to support and mobilize resources for direct assistance to farmers, promote production, create jobs, increase income, support disadvantaged localities in building infrastructure for production and livelihoods, and expand cooperation with cooperatives and farmers in product consumption.

- Ministry's agencies organize propaganda, learning, and following the examples of good people doing good things for the poor, creating a competitive atmosphere, and encouraging everyone to maximize their abilities and strive to fulfill their tasks. Promote and introduce good models and innovative approaches to poverty eradication and reduction.

- Emulation units under the Ministry organize the implementation of the Emulation movement based on the characteristics of the situation, requirements, and tasks, to ensure practical and effective results.

(2) Evaluation criteria:

* For collectives:

- Specific employment support, practical initiatives in advising and proposing policies, sustainable poverty reduction models under the National Target Program for Sustainable Poverty Reduction, helping the poor participate in production and business development, excel in the economy, stabilize their lives with the goal of sustainable development, ensuring the minimum living standards, and gradually accessing basic social services.

- Internal unity, good adherence to the Party's guidelines, and the policies of the State.

* For individuals:

- Actively participate in activities organized by superiors and the unit's party committee regarding poverty reduction and for the poor.

- Specific and practical employment in carrying out poverty reduction and pro-poor work, with innovative contributions to the unit's overall mission.

- Successfully fulfill assigned tasks in the assigned agency or unit.

(3) Forms of commendation:

- Annual commendation: The Emulation Council commends agencies and units for their achievements in implementing this Emulation movement, contributing to the overall achievements of collectives and individuals through annual commendation based on work performance.

- Commendation at the preliminary/final summary of the Emulation movement: At the preliminary or final summary stage of the movement, based on proposals from agencies and units, the Ministry considers and proposes commendation for collectives and individuals with outstanding achievements in participating in the implementation of the Emulation movement.

More details can be found in Instruction 2579/HD-BNN-TCCB dated April 10, 2024.

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