To research and pilot model of National Image Ambassador in Vietnam

To research and pilot model of National Image Ambassador in Vietnam
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Will the Government research and pilot model of National Image Ambassador in Vietnam? – Cat Tuong (Quang Nam)

Research and pilot model of National Image Ambassador in Vietnam

To research and pilot model of National Image Ambassador in Vietnam (Internet image)

Regarding this matter, LawNet would like to answer as follows:

On April 15, 2024, the Government of Vietnam issued Resolution 47/NQ-CP on the Government's Action Program until 2030 to implement Conclusion 57-KL/TW on continuing to improve the quality and efficiency of foreign information work in the new situation.

To research and pilot model of National Image Ambassador in Vietnam

Specifically, to enhance resources, encourage and mobilize social resources for foreign information work, the Government has set out the following tasks:

- The State allocates central and key resources in terms of human resources, finance, and infrastructure for the foreign information workforce, prioritizing specialized agencies in foreign information of ministries, departments, localities, Vietnam's representative agencies abroad, foreign press, and Vietnam's permanent press offices abroad...

Maximize domestic and foreign resources to promote the national image, contributing to the development of the country's economy and society, with a focus on the role of friendly people's organizations, associations abroad, and individuals with reputation and positive influence in society.

- Promote the role of the Vietnamese community abroad, especially young people, young Vietnamese intellectuals abroad, to contribute to the construction, protection, and development of the country; preserve and promote the cultural identity and traditions of the Vietnamese nation.

- Arrange and allocate appropriate and effective resources for specialized agencies directly involved in foreign information work, Vietnamese representative agencies abroad; Vietnam's cultural centers abroad; Vietnam's press offices abroad.

- Build a foreign information workforce with strong political competence, professional ethics, and modern professionalism.

Research and propose mechanisms to attract and provide appropriate benefits for the foreign information workforce; regimes for foreign correspondents, editors of foreign press; and regimes for hiring foreign experts in the field of foreign information and press to promote their contributions to foreign information work.

- Research and pilot the model of National Image Ambassador, especially in key, strategic, and target areas of foreign information.

- Regularly organize training, refresher courses, and skills enhancement in foreign information, foreign languages for foreign information officers, correspondents, and editors; pay attention to link training institutions, improve the quality of training and specialization in foreign information at training institutions nationwide; and expand international cooperation in exchange activities, training, and capacity building for foreign information officers.

- Each ministry, department, or locality (except specialized agencies in foreign information) needs to have at least 01 full-time position for foreign information work.

- Build key and focal infrastructure, especially technology infrastructure, to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the press system, including international radio and television channels; foreign publishing; and foreign information centers at international border gates, roads, railways, airways, domestic border gates, and open paths of border provinces.

- Encourage the establishment of cultural and tourism facilities, Vietnam's permanent press offices abroad, and cultural centers in the form of socialization.

- Research and supplement the state budget index for foreign information.

More details can be found in Resolution 47/NQ-CP, dated April 15, 2024.


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