According to the Code of conduct in Vietnam, the police does not insult the violators

Are the police needed to comply with any rules upon behavior with people in accordance with regulations of law?

As per Article 4 of the Circular No. 27/2017/TT-BCA, the People's Public Security Force has the following general code of conduct:

- Speaking and following the line and policies of the Party, policies and laws of the State; The Regional Regulation of the People's Public Security Forces, 5 wearing the honor, 10 disciplines and regulations of the People's Public Security Forces.

- Respect and dedicatedly serve the people; frequently keep close contact with the people; listen to opinions of the people and be under the supervision of the people.

- To improve moral qualities and lifestyles in a creative and healthy manner; to be honest, upright, industrior, thrifty, incorrect and upright manner.

- To have the sense of organization and discipline and responsibility in their work; to strictly observe the regulations on protection of State secrets, professional secrets, working regulations and working processes.

- Regularly attend professional and skill improvement courses; proactively, creatively and in cooperation in order to fulfill assigned duties.

- Not to abuse the names of agencies or units or their assigned responsibilities and tasks for self-seeking purposes or for personal purposes; to cover and create conditions for organizations or individuals to commit law-breaking acts.

- To refrain from receiving money, property or other benefits from agencies, organizations and individuals involved in affairs they have settled or fall under their management; not to take advantage of the giving or receipt of gifts to bribe or perform other acts for self-seeking interests.

- Not to illegally use information and documents of their units; to hide or scramp contents of reports of agencies, organizations and citizens on matters related to their assigned functions and tasks.

- Refuse to receive and settle or intentionally delay the settlement of lawful requests of agencies, organizations and citizens according to their responsibilities and tasks.

- To refrain from shirking or promoting responsibility when performing their assigned tasks, thus causing consequences affecting activities of their units or other agencies or organizations or affecting lawful rights and interests, honor and dignity of citizens.

According to the Code of conduct in Vietnam, the police does not insult the violators

As per Article 7 of the Circular No. 27/2017/TT-BCA, the People's Public Security Force shall adhere to the following principles:

- Strictly comply with the line and policies of the Communist Party, policies and laws of the State and regulations of the public security sector in fighting and handling criminals and other persons committing violations of law.

- Resolutely, intentionally, courageously and fairly in performing their tasks; handling violations must be objective and honest to ensure the requirements of politics, law and profession.

- When contacting law violators, People's Public Security officers and soldiers must keep the proper positions, ceremonies and manners; have proper behaviors and no oral speech and behaviors, and distinguish the violators.

- Not abusing the assigned responsibilities and tasks to falsify case files resulting in omission, injustice or other purposes.

Thus, the police must not insult the violators.

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