Decision 18/2021/QD-TTg: Regulations on determining the level of disaster risk in Vietnam

Decision 18/2021/QD-TTg: Regulations on determining the level of disaster risk in Vietnam
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Recently, the Prime Minister issued Decision 18/2021/QĐ-TTg regulations on natural disaster forecasting, warning, communication and disaster risk level in Vietnam, will take effect from July 1, 2021.

According to this Decision, Article 4 of Decision 18/2021/QD-TTg specifies the determination of the level of disaster risk in Vietnam as follows:

- Disaster risk is decentralized based on the intensity, scope of impact, areas of direct impact and potential damage of natural disasters;

- The level of disaster risk is determined for each type of natural disaster and published with the content of the bulletin on forecasting and warning about natural disasters in Vietnam;

- The risk level of each type of disaster is classified into 5 levels maximum and attached with a specific color on the map types, according to the increasing level of disaster risk: level 1 light blue is low risk; level 2 light yellow is medium risk; level 3 orange is a large risk; level 4 red is a very large risk; level 5 purple is a risk at disaster level (Appendix XII of this Decision);

- The risk level of two or more natural disasters occurs simultaneously or sequentially, can be adjusted to 1 level based on the impact of natural disasters in Vietnam; In case of risk of serious damage to people and property, the risk level is considered to increase to two levels, the highest is level 5.

Detailed contents see Decision 18/2021/QD-TTg, effective from July 1, 2021.


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