Educational, training and vocational education institutions in Vietnam exercise financial autonomy

I have a question as follows: I am a lecturer at a university in Vietnam. Currently, I know that education and training institutions must be financially self-sufficient. Let me ask the conditions for education and training institutions; Vocational education is financially self-sufficient? Thank you!

Which higher education institution meets any of the conditions?

Pursuant to Article 29 of the Decree No. 60/2021/ND-CP prescribing autonomy requirements for higher education institutions, including:

A higher education institution may exercise autonomy in accordance with regulations of law on higher education when it:

* The University Council has been established, recognized as satisfactory by a lawful training quality assessment organization.

- has promulgated, and organized the implementation of, the operation regulation of the School Council or the University Council; the regulation on coordination between the School Council or the University Council, the Party Committee and the university; the regulation on organization and operation; the regulation on democracy; the regulation on training management, science and technology, pupils, finance and assets, and adopting policies on quality assurance to meet the quality standards set by the State.

- Exercise the autonomy and accountability granted to every unit and individual in the higher education institution.

- To formulate schemes on autonomy and fully implement conditions for assurance of quality, testing results, percentage of graduates with jobs and other information as prescribed by law.

Educational, training and vocational education institutions in Vietnam exercise financial autonomy

Regulations on financial autonomy of education institutions and vocational training institutions?

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Decree No. 60/2021/ND-CP prescribing the financial autonomy of educational and training establishments and vocational education establishments, as follows:

- Financial source

Sources of finance of vocational education institutions prescribed in Article 11, Article 15 and Article 19 of this Decree and the following regulations:

+ 160;Collection of tuition fees in accordance with regulations of law on education, higher education, vocational education and Government's regulations on tuition fees;

+ Revenue from production, business and service activities, including: Revenue from education and training services by the mode of continuing education; revenue from short-term training services, addition of knowledge and skills to issue certificates, training certificates and other short-term training forms; revenue from educational and training consultancy services; revenue from training cooperation with enterprises; revenue from scientific research, technology transfer; other services in accordance with the functions and tasks of the educational and training establishments and the provisions of law. The service revenues must be specified and publicized.

- The use of financial resources

The vocational education institution shall decide to use its financial sources to cover its recurrent activities and ensure the fulfillment of outcome standards as committed. Autonomy in using financial sources shall comply with Articles 12, 16 and 20 of this Decree and the following provisions:

+ Expense for scholarships to encourage learning, exemption and reduction in tuition fees; support for learning cost for pupils and students; other support for pupils and students (if any) in the vocational education and training facilities as prescribed by the State;

+ Expense for investment to develop science and technology potential and encouragement of science and technology activities in higher education institutions in accordance with the law on higher education and may be accounted as reasonable expense of the unit.

- Distribution of annual financial results

+ The vocational education and training facilities shall distribute the financial results within the year as prescribed in Article 14, Article 18 and Article 22 of this Decree.

+ Based on financial resources, the vocational education and training facilities shall appropriate the Fund for support for students. The Fund shall be managed and used as prescribed in guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Training (in terms of education) and the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs (in terms of vocational education).

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