Some signs and violations in value-added invoices management in Vietnam

Some signs and violations in value-added invoices management in Vietnam
Dương Châu Thanh

General Department of Taxation issued Official Dispatch 1873/TCT-TTKT on June 1, 2022, strengthening the review and inspection to detect taxpayers showing risk of invoicing, fraud prevention and refund of value-added tax in Vietnam.

According to this Official Dispatch, the General Department of Taxation points out some signs and violations in the management of value-added tax invoices in Vietnam, such as:

- Enterprises in Vietnam shall change their representatives at law more than twice in 12 months or change their representatives at the same time;

- Enterprises in Vietnam have the number of changes in operating status or the number of business changes from 2 times a year.

- Newly established enterprises have non-constant business locations (changing business locations several times in 1-2 years of operation).

- Enterprises in Vietnam shall relocate their places of business operation after the notification of inactivity at the registered address.

- The enterprise is established by individuals with family ties participating in capital contribution such as: Spouse, siblings...

- Newly established enterprises in Vietnam by the person in the name of the director or legal representative have the Company because the tax authority has announced the cancellation of the business address (tax arrears), suspension of business activities for a limited time.

- Enterprises established for many years in Vietnam do not generate revenue, then resell, transfer to others.

- Established enterprises do not have mineral exploitation operation licenses but issue invoices for resources and minerals.

See also Official Dispatch 1873/TCT-TTKT dated 01/6/2022.



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