Da Nang suspends all activities within 7 days

From 8am of August 16, strictly implementing the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, all activities in the city are required to be suspended for a week, people absolutely do not leave their homes.

The notice was issued by the Communication Subcommittee of the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control in Da Nang City on the morning of August 14, two days before the implementation time, so that people can actively arrange work and go to the market to buy necessities.

The decision to close for 7 days was issued by the city leaders when the epidemic situation in the past days was not under control, both in terms of the number of new infections and the number of infections detected in the community.

Only on August 13, the city recorded 58 cases of Covid-19, including 16 community cases. Notably, the new chain of infection is "very high risk" related to Hoa Cuong wholesale market which has 20 positive cases (13 are small traders).

Da Nang leaders requested that, from 8:00 a.m. on August 16 to 8:00 a.m. on August 23, people should follow the principle of "stay where they are", not to leave the house and strictly isolate house from house.

Agencies, offices and units must minimize the number of people working at the headquarters, only sending people to stay to do the work that is really necessary (except for the forces on duty of epidemic prevention and control); manufacturing enterprises in industrial areas and hi-tech areas are allowed to operate and only have a maximum of 30% of the number of employees at the unit.

All agencies, units and businesses must ensure the organization of "3-on-spot" (working on-site, eating on-site and resting on-site).

Within 7 days of applying the above measure, the Da Nang Department of Health will implement a sampling plan with the goal of "covering the whole city to find and quickly separate Covid-19 patients from the community".

The city's health sector will also urgently localize and accurately assess the level of disease risk in each district, ward, commune, village, and residential group to advise the city's leaders to decide on appropriate anti-epidemic measures.

The implementation of stronger measures to prevent the disease will certainly have a significant impact on people's lives, eating and living is also more inconvenient. Therefore, leaders of Da Nang expect people to share and join hands "for a healthy city".

The city government has directed branches and localities to have specific plans to ensure the supply of food and essential food to residential groups to serve the people; timely support families in difficult circumstances.

"It is recommended that people do not gather in large numbers to buy and reserve too much, which is easy to risk spreading the disease to themselves and the community," the authorities advised.

From July 10 up to now, Da Nang has recorded 1.609 Covid-19 cases. Da Nang implements higher social distancing than Directive 16 from 6 pm of July 31. 

Nguyen Dong



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