To prioritize the development of self-sufficient renewable energy sources for self-consumption in Vietnam

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam issued Dispatch 4329/BCT-DL dated July 25, 2022 stipulating the contents of the Power Master Plan VIII, in which priority is the development of renewable energy sources in the form of self-sufficiency and self-consumption.

To prioritize the development of self-sufficient renewable energy sources for self-consumption in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Specifically, on the basis of implementing the conclusions reached at meetings on finalizing the Power Master Plan VIII, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has updated, reviewed, and re-evaluated the feasibility of a number of power sources (especially coal-fired power sources that have not been assigned to an investor or that have an investor but have requested that the locality/investor not continue deploying);

At the same time, it is proposed to develop a power source development program to ensure sufficient electricity supply for socio-economic development in each period, meeting the long-term goals of Vietnam.

Some principles for building electricity development programs

(i) To develop electricity one step ahead in order to provide enough electricity to meet the requirements of socio-economic development and electricity demand for people's daily lives.

(ii) To develop power sources and grid synchronously; invest in electricity development in balance among regions and regions based on rational and efficient use of each region's or region's primary energy resources; and minimize the construction of new inter-regional power transmission lines.

(iii) To strictly adhere to the Resolutions of the 13th National Party Congress in Vietnam, as well as the Resolutions, Action Programs, and directions of leaders at all levels for the development of a sustainable and green power sector.

To ensure the inheritance of relevant contents of the revised Power Master Plan VII.

(iv) To prioritize the use of domestic gas that can be supplied for electricity production to increase autonomy in electricity production, gradually switching to burning with hydrogen fuel when the technology is validated. Improve the autonomy of the power industry, minimize dependence on foreign countries for primary fuels.

(v) To ensure the Prime Minister of Vietnam's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 at the COP26 Conference;

To minimize coal-fired power plants with the goal of minimizing CO2 emissions;

To refrain from building new coal-fired power plants after 2030;

To consider converting some power projects expected to use coal fuel to use LNG. Develop gas-fired thermal power using imported LNG at an appropriate scale.

(vi) To promote the development of electricity sources using renewable energy at reasonable prices in association with ensuring the safety of the operation of the power system and the general economy of the power system.

To prioritize the development of renewable energy sources in the mode of self-sufficiency, local consumption, without generating electricity on the national grid.

(vii) To promote the development of various types of storage hydroelectricity, hydroelectricity on irrigation reservoirs, water reservoirs to regulate the load, reserve capacity and make full use of hydroelectricity. Investigate other forms of renewable energy such as geothermal, ocean waves, and so on.

(viii) To prioritize the development of electricity produced from garbage, solid waste, biomass, and cogeneration to treat the environment, make use of agricultural by-products, promote afforestation, and increase energy efficiency.

(ix) To increase the direct import of electricity from neighboring countries in the medium and long term, to invest in exploiting power sources abroad.

(x) To consider and research the possibility of developing nuclear power in the future.

For details, see Vietnam's Official Dispatch 4329/BCT-DL dated July 25, 2022.

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