Amendments to the Land Law: Many agencies are entitled to increase their responsibilities in Vietnam

To promote decentralization and delegation of authority in state management when correcting Land Law, many agencies will be increased rights and responsibilities in Vietnam.

This is the content of Decision 1250/QD-BTNMT in 2022 on the implementation plan of Resolution 04/NQ-CP on promoting decentralization and decentralization of authority in state management.

Specifically, the content of decentralization orientation when amending the Land Law is mentioned as follows:

- Clearly define the responsibilities associated with the authority to exercise the State's disposition rights as the representative of land owners of each agency in Vietnam and the specific decentralization and authorization mechanism in the Land Law.

- Supplement the responsibilities of the Government, the Prime Minister and a number of central agencies in the exercise of the right of representation of the people on land for important issues in Vietnam.

- Supplement the corresponding sanctions for the responsible and competent agencies in the exercise of the rights of representation of owners in Vietnam and management rights if violations occur.

The delegation of power must be associated with new responsibilities to ensure the effective use of the power entrusted by the people, avoiding violations of land law in many localities in the past time.

- To prescribe the People's Court to settle land disputes in Vietnam in cases where the involved parties do not have certificates or other documents on land use rights as prescribed in lieu of filing petitions for land dispute resolution at competent People's Committees.

Thus, when amending the Land Law, many agencies in Vietnam will have more rights and also have additional responsibilities associated with the given power.

Decision 1250/QD-BTNMT is issued on June 9, 2022.

Chau Thanh


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