Vietnam: State policies on crop production activities from January 01, 2020

On November 19, 2018, at the 6th session of the 14th National Assembly, the National Assembly of Vietnam officially approved the Law on Crop Production.

Cultivation is one of the important fields of our economy, so the State always offers many supportive policies to develop this activity. Specifically, according to new regulations of the Law on Crop Production 2018 of Vietnam, the State shall support the following crop production activities:

- Production connection, development of concentrated commodity production areas and organic crop production zones; shift in the crop structure; farming on the sloping land, lowland, alkaline soil, saline soil, sandy soil at or near the coast, soil at risk of desertification or degradation; development of material areas serving the needs of processing plants; management of planting zones and commodity origin tracking;

- Science and technology activities referred to in point c of clause 2 of Article 6 herein;

- Application of advanced quality control systems and crop product certification;

- Construction of infrastructure, analysis and evaluation of primary crop production conditions, agro-chemical and soil evaluation for the concentrated commodity production; building of infrastructure facilities intended for crop produce preservation, storage and processing; production of organic fertilizers, biological products; organic farming; mechanization; national laboratories and international inter-laboratory testing;

- Planned rice production;

- Production of super prototypal varieties, prototypal varieties and parental varieties for production of F1 hybrid seeds, new original and commercial varieties; revitalization of specialty varieties and indigenous crop varieties; preservation of first-generation plants; protection and development of first-generation plant gardens; import of new varieties, disposition of plant variety property rights;

- Construction of wholesale markets in crop products; branding, trade promotions, development of markets for consumption of crop products;

- Restoration of crop production in case of natural disasters or epidemics that may occur;

- Workforce training; transfer of technological breakthroughs and advances in agricultural extension in the crop production industry.

View more details at the Law on Crop Production 2018 of Vietnam, effective from January 01, 2020.

- Thanh Lam -


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