Methods and procedures for determining working conditions

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs has issued Circular 29/2021/TT-BLDTBXH stipulating standards for classifying workers according to working conditions. In particular, the assessment and determination of working conditions are carried out according to the following process:

Methods and procedures for determining working conditions

Method and process for determining working conditions (Illustration image)

(1) Determine the name of the profession or job to be assessed, and determine the working conditions.

(2) Evaluation of working conditions according to the criteria system on working conditions:

Step 1 : Identify factors that have biological impacts on employees in the system of indicators on working conditions specified in Appendix I issued together with this Circular (hereinafter referred to as Appendix I for short). .

Step 2 : Select at least 06 (six) characteristic factors corresponding to each profession or job. These factors must ensure to fully reflect 3 groups of factors in the indicator system on working conditions specified in Appendix I.

Step 3 : Select 01 (one) indicator for each characteristic element selected in Step 2 to conduct evaluation and score, on the basis of ensuring the following principles:

- The scale to assess the level of heavy, hazardous and dangerous of each factor is the 6-point scale (six) specified in Appendix I. The greater the level of arduous, hazardous and dangerous, the higher the score. .

- The employee's contact time with elements is less than 50% of the working shift, the score will be reduced to 01 (one) point. For toxic chemicals, electromagnetic fields, vibration, noise, ionizing radiation, pressure changes, infectious disease-causing factors, the rating point will be lowered by 01 (one) point when the exposure time is less than 25% of the time. shift time.

- For factors that regulate the allowable exposure time, it will be lowered by 01 (one) point if the actual working contact time is less than 50% of the allowable exposure time.

- For factors that can use multiple criteria (from 02 or more) to evaluate, only 1 main criterion is selected for evaluation and scoring; other indicators can be evaluated for reference and additional data for the main indicator.

Step 4 : Calculate the average score of the factors according to the formula:

In there:

X: The average score of the factors.

n: Number of factors evaluated in Step 3 (n>=6)

X1, X2,...Xn: Score of the first, second,...,nth element.

Step 5 : Summarize the results in the form according to the form specified in Appendix II issued with this Circular and determine the working conditions according to the average score of factors (X) as follows:

Circular 29/2021/TT-BLDTBXH  takes effect from April 15, 2022.



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