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Resolution 18/NQ-TW: Higher taxes on land speculators, slow land use in Vietnam

Resolution 18/NQ-TW: Higher taxes on land speculators, slow land use in Vietnam

The Central Executive Committee of Vietnam has just promulgated Resolution 18-NQ/TW on "Continuing to renovate and perfect institutions and policies, improve the efficiency of land management and use, and create a driving force for our country to become a high-income developed country."

Accordingly, Resolution 18-NQ/TW provides a number of new solutions in land management and use in Vietnam, typically as follows:

- Prescribing higher tax rates for users of many land areas, many houses, land speculation, slow land use, and abandoned land.

- Review policies and laws on agricultural and non-agricultural land use tax, develop policies and laws on land use tax according to international practices, suitable to the level of development and specific conditions and suitable routes.

- Having policies on tax incentives, land use levies and land rents suitable to the fields and areas eligible for investment incentives; for poor households, ethnic minorities, and families of people with meritorious services to the revolution; Production planning in localities to ensure national food security and protection of forests, especially protection forests and special-use forests...

- Abolish the land price bracket, adopt a mechanism and method for determining land prices according to market principles, and prescribe the functions, tasks and responsibilities of the agency in charge of land price determination. The Central Government shall develop criteria and procedures for inspecting and supervising localities in formulating land price lists. Provincial-level People's Councils decide, inspect and supervise the implementation of land prices. There is an effective mechanism to improve the quality of land valuation, ensure the independence of the land price appraisal council, the capacity of the land price determination consultancy organization, the capacity and ethics of the valuation pellets. Supplement and complete regulations to ensure publicity and transparency such as: Publicizing land prices, compulsorily trading through trading floors, paying via banks, not using cash; strictly handle violations...

- To clearly and closely stipulate the approval and issuance of annual land use plans. The State shall ensure sufficient resources for elaboration of land use plannings and master plans on sectors and fields that use land.

- More specific regulations on authority, purpose, scope of land recovery, specific conditions and criteria for land recovery by the State for socio-economic development for national and public interests. Continue to implement the self-agreement mechanism between people and businesses in the transfer of land use rights for the implementation of urban and commercial housing projects.

- Specifying the priority policy for people whose residential land has been recovered to be allocated land or buy a house on the expanded land area according to the provisions of law. For socio-economic development projects in accordance with master plans and plans on land use, it is necessary to soon develop and perfect mechanisms and policies so that organizations, households and individuals have the right to use land. land to participate with investors to implement projects in the form of transfer, lease, capital contribution with land use rights.

- Strengthen the management and strictly control the change of land use purposes, especially land for rice cultivation, protection forest land, special-use forest land, production forest land which is natural forest, land of enterprises. State-owned enterprises divest, equitize and use land for multiple purposes;

- Promote commercialization of land use rights. Building a real estate market information system associated with land information; adopt policies to encourage the development of the land use right market, especially the agricultural land rental market. Improve the legal basis and strengthen the implementation of non-cash payments in real estate transactions. Having a mechanism to ensure the healthy, safe and sustainable development of the real estate market; strictly control and overcome land speculation.

- Expand the subjects and quotas for receiving agricultural land use right transfer in accordance with the characteristics and conditions of each region and locality, with the change of occupations, jobs and labor in rural areas. Create favorable conditions for agricultural land users to change the purpose of crop and livestock production, improve the efficiency of agricultural land use according to the planning. Strengthen soil quality management, overcome land degradation and deterioration.



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