• Claim of the inheritance at law in Vietnam
  • The husband and wife's inheritance was left, but the wife died first without leaving a will, the husband only left a will for one child. So can the common children allow to request the claims to the inheritance left by the mother? "Minh Ha-Quang Tri, Vietnam"
    - 1 năm trước
  • Vietnam: Can the mortgaged property at the bank be sold?
  • I have sold a car that is mortgaged to a bank, the two parties have an agreement that I will deliver the car and the buyer will make a deposit in advance and then make monthly installments so that I can pay the bank debt, the purchase and sale. This bank does not know. However, after receiving the car, the buyer often paid late, I often remind but the two parties still could not reach an agreement. I want to ask whether I cancel the car sales contract now? (Mr. Huy – Ho Chi Minh City)
    - 1 năm trước
  • Vietnam: Disagree to get divorce because of Christianity
  • For Christianity, marriage is the creation of God and is indivisible. So, if the husband or wife uses this reason to refuse the divorce, how will the Court handle it even if the marriage cannot be repaired?
    - 1 năm trước
  • How to legally terminate a labor contract in Vietnam?
  • Labor relations are one of the most common relationships in daily life. We often keep in mind that when starting an employment relationship, it is necessary to sign a labor contract to avoid risks during the implementation of the labor contract, but when terminating the labor contract, both employers and employees often pay little attention to legal procedures.
    - 1 năm trước
  • Complicity in stealing property case and criminal liability in Vietnam
  • Crime in any era, every society has it, but when people's needs are increasingly higher, the economy develops, it seems to spread more strongly. In particular, it must be mentioned the crime of stealing property- a crime that occurs most often and is the most common in the group of property infringement crimes.
    - 1 năm trước
  • Is it easy to identify sources of extreme danger in Vietnam?
  • Compensation for damage caused by sources of extreme danger is one of the special compensation cases, the owner or the person assigned by the owner to possess and use it must compensate even if that person is not at fault.
    - 1 năm trước
  • Compensation for damage when there is no fault in Vietnam
  • Liability to compensate for damage outside the contract is a type of liability to compensate for damage formed between any subjects in which, the person who commits illegal acts causing damage must compensate the damage sufferer. However, in reality, this type of liability can occur at any time with unpredictable consequences.
    - 1 năm trước
  • Legal consequences of getting married without registering marriage in Vietnam
  • Life is increasingly modern, many people's thoughts have also become more open, so living together before marriage or just getting married but not registering marriage has become quite common. However, just doing the wedding without registering the marriage will have any legal consequences that not everyone understands and leads to misunderstandings and unnecessary consequences.
    - 1 năm trước
  • What is the crime of humiliating other persons on facebook in Vietnam?
  • The development of social networks has helped people remove geographical distances, freely share information, think and feel... However, along with the advancement of information technology are unpredictable consequences when a part of people have taken advantage of this environment to commit illegal acts, including insulting the image and smearing the honour and dignity of others.
    - 1 năm trước
  • Legal consequences of setting off fireworks to welcome New Year's Eve in Vietnam
  • Although every New Year comes, Vietnamese authorities organize fireworks at certain locations to serve the people's needs for the spring celebration, however, there are still many people who arbitrarily buy, sell and set off firecrackers at home without knowing that they can be administratively sanctioned or be prosecuted for criminal liability.
    - 1 năm trước

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