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Do not leave the house after centralized quarantine in Vietnam

Do not leave the house after centralized quarantine in Vietnam

The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control of Vietnam has just issued Official Telegram 597/CD-BCD on proper compliance with regulations on centralized quarantine and management after centralized quarantine

According to the Official Telegram, the people having completed centralized quarantine are requested to commit to performing the following tasks:

- Do not leave their houses or lodgings;

If they have to leave for work or other necessary activities, notify local police and health authority and properly follow the 5K recommendations of the Ministry of Health; do not gather with others or visit crowded places.

- Use information technology applications for supervision of COVID-19 prevention and control while they have their health conditions monitored in their houses or lodgings.

- Test for SARS-CoV-2 on the 7th day (from the date of centralized quarantine completion).

+ If the result is negative, continue to monitor the health conditions according to regulations until the end of the 14-day period;

+ If the result is poositive, isolate those testing positive for the virus in healthcare facilities as per regulations.

- Declare their health conditions on a daily basis to local health officials.

If developing fever, cough, throat pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue, chill or loss of taste, they shall be taken to a healthcare facility immediately for timely management as per regulations.

See more in thhe Official Telegram 597/CD-BCD dated May 5, 2021


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