Latest Criteria for appointing the Hospital Director in Vietnam

Latest Criteria for appointing the Hospital Director in Vietnam
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What are the criteria for appointing the Hospital Director in Vietnam? – The Danh (Gia Lai)

Latest Criteria for appointing the Hospital Director in Vietnam

Latest Criteria for appointing the Hospital Director in Vietnam (Internet image)

Regarding this matter, LawNet would like to answer as follows: 

Latest Criteria for appointing the Hospital Director in Vietnam

To be eligible for appointment as a Hospital Director, an individual must meet the following criteria:

(1) General criteria

- Regarding political ideology: Loyalty to the interests of the Party, the nation, the people, and the national independence, Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh's ideology, the goals, ideals of national independence, socialism, and the Party's renewal path; firm political stance, viewpoint, and leadership qualities, unwavering in any situation, resolute in the struggle to protect the Party's guidelines, the Constitution, and the laws of the State; prioritize the interests of the Party, the nation, the people, and the collective over personal interests; be willing to sacrifice for the cause of the Party, for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland, and for the happiness of the people; be diligent in work, strictly comply with the assignments of the organization, and fulfill all assigned tasks.

- Regarding ethics, lifestyle, and organizational discipline: Possess high moral qualities; lead a honest, modest, sincere, and humble lifestyle; be diligent, thrifty, honest, selfless, dedicated, and responsible for work; not be ambitious for power, not pursue fame; have a spirit of unity, construction, be a role model, show love for comrades and colleagues; refrain from corruption, opportunism, personal gain, and actively combat and prevent any signs of ideological, moral, and lifestyle degradation within the organization; resolutely fight against nepotism, favoritism, corruption, waste, individualism, opportunistic lifestyle, factionalism, group interests, and ensure that one's words match their actions; practice fairness, integrity, value talented individuals, and not allow family members or acquaintances to exploit their position and authority for personal gain; strictly comply with and implement the organizational principles and discipline of the Party, especially the principles of democratic centralism, self-criticism, and criticism.

- Regarding capacity and credibility: Possess innovative thinking, have vision, and employ scientific working methods; have comprehensive analytical and predictive abilities; have the ability to identify contradictions, challenges, opportunities, new and difficult issues, as well as limitations and shortcomings in practice; be courageous in proposing appropriate, feasible, and effective tasks and solutions to promote, develop, or overcome such issues; have practical capabilities, grasp and have a fundamental understanding of the actual situation to concretize and effectively organize the implementation of the Party's guidelines, policies, and laws of the State in the assigned field and area of work; be diligent, hardworking, proactive, creative, dare to think, dare to act, dare to take responsibility, and serve the people; have leadership and directive abilities; be a role model, gather and unleash the collective strength of the team and individuals; be trusted and respected by officials, Party members, and the people.

(2) Specific criteria

- Professional qualifications: Hold a specialist doctorate degree or a master's degree (hold a specialist doctorate degree or a doctorate degree for Grade I and Special Grade units) in a field relevant to the responsibilities and duties.

- Political theory qualifications: hold a senior political theory degree or a bachelor's degree in political science, or have an equivalent high-level political theory certificate from an authorized level.

- Experience in work and management: currently holding a deputy position or an equivalent position in the unit for at least 02 years.

(Articles 6 and 7 of Decision 1289/QD-BYT in 2024)


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