To fully annul 05 legislative documents in the health sector from February 1, 2023 in Vietnam

 To fully annul 05 legislative documents in the health sector from February 1, 2023 in Vietnam
Trần Thanh Rin

The Minister of Health of Vietnam issues Circular 14/2022/TT-BYT dated December 6, 2022 on the annulment of a number of legal documents issued and jointly promulgated by the Minister of Health.

Specifically, five legislative documents in the health sector in Vietnam were completely annulled on February 1, 2023, including:

(1) Decision 36/2006/QD-BYT on the promulgation of "Regulations on Clinical Trials of Medical Equipment."

(2) Decision 19/2008/QD-BYT promulgating working regulations of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam

(3) Decision 38/2008/QD-BYT on the promulgation of "Regulation on the maximum limit of melamine cross-contamination in food."

(4) Circular 09/2013/TT-BYT guiding the organization and management of international medical conferences and seminars in Vietnam

(5) Joint Circular 48/2014/TTLT-BYT-BTNMT, which guides the coordination in performing state management of environmental protection for medical facilities,

In addition, Circular 14/2022/TT-BYT also partially annuls the provisions of the following two circulars:

Circular 26/2019/TT-BYT regulating the list of rare drugs:

To annul Article 9 and the phrase "and update the Decision on amendments and supplements to the List of rare drugs on the website of the Ministry of Health of Vietnam and the website of the Drug Administration of Vietnam within three days from the date the Minister of Health signs the decision," in Clause 1, Article 10.

Circular 14/2022/TT-BYT requiring the following contents in medical equipment bidding:Clause 3, Article 8, is annulled.

Vietnam's Circular 14/2022/TT-BYT  takes effect from February 1, 2023; Clause 2 and Article 2 of Circular 14/2022/TT-BYT take effect from the date of signing and promulgation.


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