Current agents and sources of tapeworm infection

Decision No 1202/QD-BYT stipulating the subjects affected by wire, causes and sources of infection.

Definition of string disease

According to section 1 of the Guidelines enclosed with Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT 2022, the delineation of disease must be specified as follows:

- Strawberry (taeniasis) disease means an infectious parasitic disease transmitted from animals to humans due to hog pork eating practice, cooked beef cows infected with worms. It contains Vietnam.

Accordingly, snake is a disease caused by honey to humans because of pork and beef, not cooked (the way of calling resettle people to eat) larvae.

Current agents and sources of tapeworm infection
Agents and pathogens that lead to ginseng

According to subsection 1.1, guidance issued together with Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT dated 2022 issued by the Ministry of Health:


1.1. Tác nhân

Taenia solium, Taenia saginatg and American stripe (Taenia asiatica) in the intestine."

Accordingly, the pathogens causing the indigenous cholera are the successful species such as pig choke, cow choke, and Asia indigenous stripe.

According to the subsection 1.2, subsection 1 guidelines issued together with Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT dated 2022 issued by the Ministry of Health:

"1. General

1.2. Disease sources

Buffalo, cow, pig carrying larvae of the rope"

Accordingly, the source of liver disease caused by cattle, buffaloes and pigs is detected. We, when processing assorted meat bearing larva and cooking without water, are very easily infected with diseases.

Subjects of the spread of scepture disease

According to subsection 1.3, section 1 of the Guidelines issued together with Decision No. 1202/QD-BYT in 2022, the Ministry of Health issued together with this Decision, as follows:

"1. General

1.3. Infection and immunology

People of all age groups and both of them are capable of suffering from cornea disease. This is a 3 – 4 week if the patient suffers from a communicable disease and exists in a short period of time."

Accordingly, all people, regardless of ages, gender are the subjects with possibility of cholera.

When an epidemic is infected, the human body may appear after 3 to 4 weeks of infection. However, not because we are subjective because this antibody only appears and exists for a short time, it will lose right then. Therefore, everyone is not subjective in the prevention, combat and treatment of cancer.




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