From 2022, beginning the program combined with civil healthcare by 2030

Decision No 545/QD-TTg approve the program in combination with civil healthcare by 2030.

Combined military and civilian health program by 2030

Pursuant to Decision No. 545/QD-TTg dated April 28, 2022 by the Prime Minister, the indicator of civil medicine in the program of combination of people's health care in Vietnam by 2030 is provided as follows:

(1) Combination of military and civilian medical services at grassroots medical establishments:

- Support for investment in renovating and upgrading medical facilities and equipment for 30 – 50 military and civilian medical establishments; in which investment in five military medical centers of island districts which are capable of operating Class 2 and capable of providing first aid and on-site treatment, and limiting cases that must be transferred to higher level.

- Organize professional training and refresher courses for over 5,000-10,000 health workers and employees of military and civilian medical establishments.

- Organizing medical examination and treatment for over 200,000 people and policy beneficiaries in safety zones, deep-lying, remote, border and island areas and areas affected by natural disasters.

(2) Support for the mobilization of reserve units of the health sector, the mobilization of health sector, and for medical care in defensive areas:

- Support the training and practice of reserve units of the health sector under the target assigned by the Prime Minister annually; support the equipment and training of teams of health sector of 10-15 provinces and centrally-run cities.

- Support and improve the capacity of radiation emergency teams affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense; military and civilian anti-epidemic teams of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city; develop and strengthen military and civilian anti-epidemic teams of provinces.

- Supporting the organization of training in military medicine and health knowledge for the mobilized reserve units of the health service and the military and civilian health services.

- Organizing 10-15 training courses, military-civilian exercises in natural disaster prevention and combat, rescue, salvage and epidemic prevention and combat.

From 2022, beginning the program combined with civil healthcare by 2030

Duties and solutions specified in the Program for combination of military medical services for the people by 2030

Pursuant to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 545/QD-TTg dated April 28, 2022, tasks and solutions specified in the program for combination of civil healthcare services by 2030 are prescribed as follows:

(1) Enhancement of effectiveness of combined military and civilian activities:

- To perfect the regulation on coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense in the combination between military and civilian health forces.

- To perfect the organization and operation coordination regulations of military medical boards of all levels.

- Formulating documents guiding the combination of military and civilian medicine in medical examination and treatment; prevention and control of natural disasters, catastrophes and epidemics.

(2) Strengthen and improve the capacity of medical examination and treatment, disease prevention and control at the grassroots medical level:

- To support the repair, upgrading and supplementation of medical equipment for military and civilian health centers in island districts, civil-military health stations of island communes, land border communes, border-guard army medical clinics and military and civilian infirmaries.

c. Provide refresher courses for military and local healthcare officers to enable them to provide first aid and treatment for common diseases.

(3) Enhancement of capacity and quality of activities of military and civilian forces in defense zones:

- Complete the system for emergency treatment, transport, combining the medical treatment with military and civilians in the defense zone.

- To review and consolidate the organization and capacity building for health-mobilized reserve units; health groups and teams under assigned quotas.

- To organize training and practice of reserve units for mobilization of the health service and mobilization of the health service in defensive areas.

- To promote the combination between military medicine and military medicine research.

(4) Completion of mechanisms and policies for combined military and civilian activities:

- Formulate and update policies for officials working at the facilities in combination with civil medicine in remote areas, bordering areas and islands.

- To well implement the rotation and rotation regime for health workers at military-civil medical establishments according to regulations.



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