Encourage facial and fingerprint recognition to manage surrogacy in Vietnam

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam issued Dispatch 3704/BYT-BM-TE July 12, 2022 on strengthening the prevention of violations of the law on in vitro fertilization and surrogacy for commercial purposes, in which, encouraging face and fingerprint recognition to manage surrogacy.

Encourage facial and fingerprint recognition to manage surrogacy in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Specifically, nowadays, the situation of surrogacy for commercial purposes or for sex selection of the fetus tends to be complicated. In order to strengthen measures to prevent confusion or exchange, sale and purchase of sperm/ovum/embryo, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam stipulates a number of measures as follows:

- Review and complete the process of preventing sperm/ovum/embryo confusion and disseminate it to all employees;

- The semen sampling procedure should contain content on control to ensure that the semen sample is taken by the right person and taken at the hospital, to prevent the exchange of semen samples brought in from outside;

- The Ministry of Health of Vietnam encourages establishments to invest in and use software to manage cases of sperm/ovum/embryo donation/receipt, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and gestational surrogacy for humanitarian purposes.

The identification of patients and gametes is not only by personal documents but also by modern biometric identification techniques such as taking pictures of faces, fingerprints, and irises to prevent confusion or exchange due to the use of fake documents.

Semen and blood samples should be stored for later comparison;

- Develop a process for transporting and receiving sperm/ovum/embryo between hospitals and regularly check to prevent swapping.

During the embryo transfer/receipt process, the embryo storage tank and accompanying documents should be handed over between the two hospitals and feedback should be provided to ensure that the embryos are transferred to the correct embryo receiving unit, to prevent file swapping or embryo transferred to another person for the purpose of surrogacy in Vietnam.

For details, see Official Dispatch 3704/BYT-BM-TE dated 12/7/2022.

Nhu Mai


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