Key tasks in the Action Plan to implement the National Strategy on Nutrition to 2025 in Vietnam

Issued by the Minister of Health, Decision 1294/QD-BYT in 2022 on Action Plan to implement the National Strategy on nutrition by 2025

Strengthen the implementation of relevant legal documents, mechanisms, policies and regulations; programs, plans and schemes to support nutrition activities

Pursuant to subsection 1, Section III of the Action Plan promulgated together with Decision 1294/QD-BYT in 2022, regulates the mechanisms and policies on nutrition as follows:

- Organize the implementation of legal documents related to nutrition and encourage breastfeeding; The criteria for evaluating hospital quality are related to nutrition; Nutrition care scheme for the first 1000 days of life; School health program; Project on raising the stature of Vietnamese people.

- Inspect and assess compliance with the Government's Decree No. 100/2014/ND-CP dated November 6, 2021 on trading and using nutritional products for young children; Decree No. 09/2016/ND-CP dated January 28, 2016 of the Government providing for fortification of micronutrients in food; Circular No. 18/2020/TT-BYT dated November 12, 2020 of the Ministry of Health regulating nutritional activities in hospitals.

- Promote inspection, examination and strict handling of violations of the law related to nutrition in order to protect optimal nutrition practices (Breastfeeding...) . To guide and support the implementation of basic nutrition service packages at the commune level, especially in ethnic minority households and poor households in all priority provinces with malnutrition rates. high stunting.

- Organize conferences and seminars to strengthen advocacy for investment policies for nutrition activities.

- Organize supervision and technical support for nutrition-related policy advocacy groups of ministries, branches and localities.

- Evaluate the results of the implementation of the Nutrition Action Plan for the period 2022-2025 as a basis for developing action plans in the following years.

Key tasks in the Action Plan to implement the National Strategy on Nutrition to 2025 in Vietnam

Solutions and key tasks in the Action Plan to implement the National Strategy on Nutrition to 2025?

Continue to review and perfect the system of legal documents on nutrition to ensure its suitability with reality and synchronization with other relevant legal systems.

Pursuant to subsection 1, Section III of the Action Plan promulgated together with Decision 1294/QD-BYT in 2022, stipulates as follows:

- Develop a circular on nutrition labeling on the front of the packaging of prepackaged products (especially breast milk substitutes and complementary foods), ensuring the publication of technical criteria including nutritional needs Recommendations for Vietnamese people, maximum tolerance threshold, nutritional reference value.

- Reviewing, amending and supplementing support regimes and policies for mothers, children, the elderly, and direct workers in specific occupations suffering from malnutrition, especially those belonging to the disadvantaged groups. social policy figure.

- Supplement and complete policies and regulations to control the advertising of unhealthy foods and products, especially products for children and pregnant women; policies to reduce salt consumption in the diet, limit the consumption of sugary drinks and ultra-processed foods; Food in the school canteen.

- Reviewing and supplementing the table of Vietnamese food ingredients, the need for nutritional recommendations for Vietnamese people.

- Review and supplement national guidelines on portions, menus for different subjects, physical activities for Vietnamese people (by age group, type of labor, physiological and health status), orientation Guidelines for the implementation of a salt-reduced diet, guidelines for the prevention of overweight and obesity in children.

- Review and supplement national guidelines on micronutrient deficiency prevention.

- Review and supplement guidelines on school meal organization, physical activity and school nutrition education.

- Review and supplement guidelines on nutritional activities in the hospital, and guide the establishments providing meals to the hospital.

- Continue to complete policies to support and ensure food and food security for poor areas and areas frequently affected by natural disasters; hunger eradication, poverty alleviation and nutritional status improvement

- Review, amend or develop new documents to strengthen inter-sectoral coordination.

- Reviewing and amending policies on human resource development (policy on training, regulations on granting practice certificates, raising doctor's rank for doctors working in nutrition, remuneration regime, .. .).

- Reviewing and renovating the financial mechanism for nutrition activities, focusing on building a mechanism for the socialization of a number of nutritional activities to which people are able to contribute.

Formulate nutrition-related policies to respond to emerging and pressing nutrition issues

Pursuant to subsection 1, Section III of the Action Plan promulgated together with Decision 1294/QD-BYT in 2022, stipulates as follows:

- Develop a health insurance policy to pay for counseling services and rehabilitative treatment for children with severe acute malnutrition in the community and in hospitals; pay for pasteurized breast milk for infants, premature and pathological infants who do not have access to breast milk; nutritional products 

for children with metabolic disorders.

- Develop policies to incorporate essential nutrition interventions into universal health care coverage, ensuring financial resources to pay.

- Develop technical guidelines on fortification of food micronutrients.

- Develop regulations on limiting advertising, promotion and sponsorship of brands for unhealthy foods, especially for children, imposing special consumption tax on sugary drinks.

- Develop technical standards for school meals, regulations on reasonable nutrition and physical activity in schools, regulations on operation of school canteens to ensure food and beverage supply. beneficial to the health of students.

- Develop national guidelines on proper nutrition and physical activity suitable for target groups to prevent overweight, obesity and non-communicable diseases for the population.

- Develop recommendations on workers' meals suitable to their industries to disseminate and apply in production, business and industrial zones.

- Develop guidelines on nutrition counseling and breastfeeding support for employees without labor contracts.

- Develop guidelines and effectively deploy reasonable nutrition for special forces in the military.

- Develop guidelines for nutritional support for patients in the hospital.

- Develop guidelines for nutritional support in nutrition emergency response. Develop nutrition emergency response plans at central and provincial and city levels.

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