Guidelines for professional training in occupational health

The Ministry of Health has just issued Circular 29/2021/TT-BYT guiding professional training activities in occupational health.

Guidelines for professional training in occupational health

Guidelines for professional training in occupational health (Illustration image)

Accordingly, professional training activities in occupational health are regulated as follows:

Subjects participating in training

Being a health worker at a production or business establishment specified in Clause 3, Article 37 of Decree 39/2016/ND-CP includes:

- Doctors;

- Preventive medical doctors;

- Bachelor of Nursing;

- Doctor;

- High school nursing;

- Student household.

training content

According to Clause 1, Article 3 of Circular 29/2021 , the contents of occupational health training include:

- Overview of legal documents on occupational hygiene and health care for workers;

- Management of harmful factors at production and business establishments;

- Occupational diseases and occupational diseases;

- First aid and first aid at the workplace;

- Prevention of epidemics and non-communicable diseases at work;

- Food safety and nutrition in the workplace;

- Communication and education on occupational hygiene, prevention of occupational diseases, care and improvement of health at work;

- Planning and organizing the implementation of occupational hygiene and prevention of occupational diseases at the employer;

- Management of records of occupational hygiene and health of employees.

Specific requirements for training content are guided in detail in Appendix 01 issued with Circular 29/2021 .

Training programs and materials

- The head of the training institution develops, appraises and issues a training program to issue certificates of professional certification in occupational health on the basis of training contents as prescribed.

- On the basis of the issued training program, the head of the training institution shall develop, appraise and issue training documents before organizing the training.

Training materials must be reviewed and updated continuously to ensure their scientificity and suitability with practical needs.

Time and form of training

- The minimum time for training for the first time to issue a certificate of professional certification in occupational health is 40 hours, including the time of examination and assessment;

- Training to update occupational health professionals is conducted every 5 years from the first effective date of the Certificate of Occupational Health Professionalism, with the updated training period at least equal to 50%. the time of initial training, including the period of assessment;

- Form of training : Concentration.

Issuance of professional certifications in occupational health

Participants in training to be granted a professional certificate in occupational health must attend the training for the prescribed period of time.

The training institution that issues the certificate of occupational health professional certification to the participants of the training course refer to the form of Certificate of professional certification in occupational health specified in Appendix 02 issued with this Circular. 29/2021 for consistent implementation after training participants are tested and assessed as satisfactory in accordance with the law on education and training regulations of the training institution.

Circular 29/2021/TT-BYT takes effect from February 6, 2022.



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