Promulgating the Regulation on voting "Typical Teacher of the Year"

The Ministry of Education and Training has just issued Decision 4996/QD-BGDĐT promulgating the Regulation on voting "Typical Teacher of the Year" to show gratitude to teachers on the occasion of November 20.

Promulgating the Regulation on voting

Promulgating the Regulation on voting "Typical Teacher of the Year" (Artwork)

Voting object

Teachers, lecturers, education administrators of preschool, general education, continuing education, higher education, pedagogical colleges, specialized schools and educational institutions other educational institutions under the state management of the Ministry of Education and Training, including public and non-public institutions (hereinafter collectively referred to as teachers).

Number of nominations participating in the annual voting

- Each Department of Education and Training: Nominate no more than 05 teachers representing all levels of education (kindergarten, primary, junior high, high school, continuing education), of which no more than 01 individuals who are managers of educational institutions.

- Each higher education institution (including higher education institutions that are member units of national and regional universities), pedagogical colleges; Unit under the Ministry of Education and Training: Nominate 01 teacher (if any).

- The Vietnam Education Union, media agencies, and units under the Ministry of Education and Training will introduce typical examples discovered in the performance of their duties.

Criteria for nomination and voting

- Having strong political qualities, morality, simple and exemplary lifestyle; strictly abide by the guidelines and policies of the Party and the laws of the State, internal rules and working regulations of the unit and in the locality where they reside.

- Have a high sense of responsibility at work and in life, and are trusted by colleagues and learners; proactive, creative, flexible in performing professional tasks, overcoming difficulties to successfully complete assigned tasks.

- Being a typical example, achieving typical and creative achievements in the school year, contributing to creating positive and effective changes in the unit, having a ripple effect locally and throughout the industry.

Proposal to vote "Typical Teacher of the Year"

The nomination dossier includes:

- Letter of nomination of agencies and units;

- A summary of each nominated individual's achievements, clearly stating specific jobs, particularly outstanding achievements achieved during the school year and proofs (according to the attached form).

Summary of achievements


Deadline for submitting applications : Before August 30 of each year.

Receiving place : Ministry of Education and Training (through the Department of Emulation - Commendation), 35 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Decision 4996/QD-BGDDT takes effect from December 31, 2021.



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