Are foreign workers eligible to be admitted to the Vietnam Trade Union?

Are foreign workers eligible to be admitted to the Vietnam Trade Union? - Hoang An (Long An, Vietnam)

Are foreign workers eligible to be admitted to the Vietnam Trade Union? (Internet image)

1. What is the Vietnam Trade Union?

According to the Charter of the Vietnam Trade Union issued together with Decision 174/QD-TLD dated February 3, 2020, the Vietnam Trade Union is a large socio-political organization of the working class and workers, voluntarily established by workers for the purposes of:

Gather forces, forge a strong Vietnamese working class, and uphold the international solidarity tradition for peace, democracy, national independence, and social progress.

2. Can foreign workers join the Vietnam Trade Union?

According to Instruction 03/HD-TLD dated February 20, 2020 on subjects not admitted to Vietnam Trade Union organizations:

- Foreigners working in Vietnam

- Employees working as managers in enterprises outside the state sector, including:

Owner of a private enterprise, general partner, chairman of the Members' Council, member of the Members' Council, company president, chairman of the board of directors, member of the board of directors, director or general director and individuals holding other managerial positions have the authority to sign transactions on behalf of the company in accordance with the company's charter;

- Principals and presidents; vice presidents; and deputy directors are authorized to manage the unit or sign labor contracts in non-business units outside the state sector.

- Members of agricultural cooperatives;

- Persons who are serving prison sentences according to court decisions

Thus, foreign workers in Vietnam are not allowed to join the Vietnam Trade Union.

3. Rights and duties of Vietnam Trade Union Members

The rights and duties of Vietnamese Trade Union members according to Article 2 of the Charter of the Vietnam Trade Union promulgated together with Decision 174/QD-TLD dated February 3, 2020 are as follows:

* Members' rights:

- To participate in the establishment of grassroots trade unions and grassroots trade union activities according to the provisions of the Charter of the Vietnam Trade Union.

- To request the trade union to represent and protect lawful and legitimate rights and interests when infringed.

- To be informed, discuss, propose, and vote on the trade union's work; to run for office; to nominate and elect the trade union's governing body; and to question trade union officials.

- To propose disciplinary sanctions against trade union officials who commit violations The elite union members are introduced to the party for consideration and admission.

- To disseminate guidelines, guidelines, and resolutions of the party and policies and laws of the state related to trade unions and employees, it was proposed to the trade union to recommend the employer implement the regimes and policies as prescribed by law.

- To receive free labor and trade union law guidance, advice, and legal assistance from trade unions; to be represented by trade unions in legal proceedings in labor cases to protect legitimate and legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.

- To be visited and assisted by trade unions when they are sick, in difficulty, or in distress; to participate in trade union-organized cultural, sports, entertainment, and tourism activities; elite union members are given priority to study at trade union-organized schools and classes; to be guided by the trade union, help find a job, and learn a job.

- To be issued trade union membership cards and receive incentives when using trade union institutions' services, as well as other forms of association and cooperation with trade unions.

- Union members who lose their jobs may suspend trade union activities and trade union dues, but only within 12 months from the date of job loss.

- To retire from trade union activities; to be assisted by the grassroots trade union where the leave procedures are carried out and the local trade union where he/she resides when difficulties arise; to participate in activities of union-supported retirement clubs and retirement liaison committees.

* Duties of members:

- To well perform the civic duty, live and work according to the Constitution and laws, contributing to the construction and defense of the Fatherland.

- To abide by and implement the Charter of Vietnam Trade Union, resolutions of trade unions at all levels, participate in trade union activities and activities, pay union fees as prescribed.

- To constantly learn to improve political, cultural, professional, professional and professional skills; cultivate the qualities of the working class.

- To unite, help colleagues in work and in life, protect the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of employees and trade union organizations, constantly improve productivity, quality, and work efficiency, and participate in building strong development agencies, units, and enterprises

- To propagate and mobilize workers to join the Vietnam Trade Union and participate in building a strong trade union organization.

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