Procedures for granting of License to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield in Vietnam

What are the procedures for granting of License to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield in Vietnam? - Thanh Nhan (Phu Tho)

Procedures for granting of License to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield in Vietnam

Procedures for granting of License to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield in Vietnam (Internet image) 

On February 19, 2024, the Ministry of Transport issued Decision 162/QD-BGTVT introducing amended administrative procedures in the field of aviation with the management function of the Ministry of Transport.

Procedures for granting of License to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield in Vietnam

(1) The sequence of implementation

* Submit administrative procedures:

Individuals and organizations that request a license to provide services at the Airport/Airfield must send documents directly, via postal mail, in an electronic environment, or by other means to the Vietnam Aviation Administration and they must be responsible for the accuracy and honesty of the information in the records.

* Solving administrative procedures:

Within 12 days from the date of receipt of the complete application for a license, the Vietnam Aviation Administration will issue a license to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield according to the form. If a Vietnamese aviation permit is not granted, the applicant must receive a written response explaining why.

In case the dossier is not valid, within 03 working days from the date of receipt, the Vietnam Aviation Administration must have a written response to guide the person who proposes to complete the dossier as prescribed.

(2) Submission methods:

- Apply directly; or

- Apply through the postal system; or

- On electronic environment.

(3) Components and number of applications:

* Components:

- Written request for licensing according to the form;

- A copy of the enterprise's explanation document on meeting the provisions of Clause 1, Article 16 of Decree 92/2016/ND-CP;

- The original or electronic copy is certified from the original of the document confirming the capital unless the enterprise has an organization of the apparatus to ensure the supply of relevant aviation services at airports and airports according to the provisions of the law on civil aviation.

* Quantity: 01 set.

(4) Settlement deadlines:

Within 12 working days from the date of receiving a complete and valid dossier.

(5) Subjects of administrative procedures: Organization.

(6) Agency for handling administrative procedures:

- Agency competent to decide: Vietnam Aviation Administration

- Agency or competent authorities are authorized or decentralized: None.

- Agency directly implementing administrative procedures: Vietnam Aviation Administration.

- Coordination agency: None.

(7) Results of the implementation of administrative procedures: license to provide aviation services at the Airport/Airfield.

(8) Fees and charges:

- Providing services at international airports: VND 50,000,000

- Providing services at other airports: VND 30,000,000

(9) Name of application form of administrative declaration:

Form for issuance/reissuance of License to provide to provide service service at the airport.

(10) Requirements or conditions for implementing administrative procedures:

* Meet the conditions specified in Points b, c, d, Clause 2, Article 65 of the Vietnam Civil Aviation Law 2006 and appraised and evaluated by the Vietnam Aviation Administration according to the corresponding service sector sub-sector specified in Clause 1, Article 15 of Decree 92/2016/ND-CP.

* Minimum capital to establish and maintain the enterprise providing aviation services at the Airport/Airfield:

- Provide service for operating passenger terminals: VND 30 billion;

- Providing services for operating terminals and warehouses: VND 30 billion;

- Providing aviation petroleum service: VND 30 billion.

* Airport enterprises providing passenger terminal service; and terminal and warehouse operating services do not have to meet the conditions for minimum capital to establish and maintain businesses.

* For enterprises providing services for passenger terminals, cargo terminals, aviation petroleum services, and services for ground commercial techniques and flight operating services, the percentage of contributed capital of foreign individuals and organizations must not exceed 30% of the charter capital of the enterprise.

More details can be found in Decision 162/QD-BGTVT, taking effect on February 19, 2024.

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