Principles of performing foreign rituals

Principles of performing foreign rituals
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On February 18, 2022, the Government issued Decree 18/2022/ND-CP on foreign rituals.

Accordingly, the principles of performing foreign rituals are prescribed as follows:

- The agency in charge of organizing the implementation of foreign ceremonies must comply with the provisions of the Constitution and laws of Vietnam as well as international laws and practices.

- The organization of external ceremonies must be carried out uniformly throughout the political system including Party and State agencies, serving the political and foreign affairs requirements of the Party and the State, and affirming the position of the Party and State. and the leading role of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the Vietnamese political system.

- The agency in charge of proposing measures for external relations on the basis of equality and reciprocity; focus on handling the differences between the political system, customs and culture of Vietnam and the political system, customs and culture of the foreign country.

- Special cases shall be implemented according to separate projects and reported to competent authorities for decision.

Decree 18/2022/ND-CP takes effect from April 10, 2022; replace the content of the foreign affairs ceremony and reception of foreign guests (from Chapter 8 to Chapter 13) in Decree 145/2013/ND-CP .


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