Vietnam: 16 benefits for young volunteers from March 9

Recently, the Government of Vietnam issued Decree 17/2021/ND-CP stipulating policies for young volunteers.

Vietnam: 16 benefits for young volunteers from March 9 (Illustration)

In order to encourage and motivate young people to volunteer, the government has policies for young people to volunteer to participate in programs, schemes, and projects as follows:

*** During the programs, projects

1. Having a competent agency or organization to sign a labor contract; fully enjoying the regimes and policies for employees outlined in the labor law, social insurance law, and health insurance law.

2. To be entitled to salary or wage regimes, allowances, per diems, and other regimes and policies specified in previously approved programs, schemes, and projects.

3. To be provided with the necessary working facilities and personal protective equipment to ensure safety and compliance with volunteer activity requirements.

4. To be trained and encouraged to improve knowledge and necessary skills while performing assigned tasks.

5. To be assigned and assigned tasks appropriate to their trained professional qualifications, as well as the requirement to organize and employ young volunteers.

6. To participate in mass activities, be trained, and be considered for admission to the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Communist Party of Vietnam in accordance with the provisions of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Charter and the Communist Party of Vietnam Charter.

7. To be facilitated by the local government, the unit where the volunteering activity takes place; participate in local political, cultural, and social activities.

8. To be considered by the party committees, local authorities, and units where the volunteer activities take place, to create a source of leadership and management cadres in accordance with the local leadership and management cadre planning.

9. For programs, schemes, and projects on socio-economic development of voluntary youth approved by the Party committees, local authorities, and units where volunteer activities are evaluated as effective and highly feasible, local authorities will consider and support the implementation.

10. Young volunteers who commit acts of bravery are killed or injured in one of the cases prescribed by the law on preferential treatment for people with meritorious services to the revolution. The People's Committee of the commune where the volunteering activities take place shall request the competent agency to consider and recognize him as a martyr or decide to enjoy the policy of invalids in accordance with the provisions of the law on preferential treatment for people with meritorious services to the revolution.

11. If a young person participating in volunteer activities dies, they are entitled to a funeral allowance according to the provisions of the law on social insurance. hometown or family at the request of relatives.

*** After finishing the program, project

12. To be granted a Certificate of Voluntary Participation by the local authority where the volunteering activity takes place.

13. To be considered, planned, and trained by the competent authority or unit where the volunteering activities take place, and arranged to use them if they have successfully completed their tasks or more during the volunteering period and have a need to continue working in the locality.

14. One-time support equal to half of the current salary or salary after completing assigned tasks.

15. To enjoy the policy of supporting vocational training in association with job creation as prescribed by law.

16. Young volunteers who wish to stay and settle down and establish a business in the localities that are ethnic minority and mountainous areas, remote and border areas, islands, and regions with good economic conditions -Communes with special difficulties may apply the state's policies on socio-economic development according to the areas where they live.

Note: The above are the benefits that voluntary youth enjoy when participating in socio-economic development programs, schemes, and projects approved by competent authorities and voluntarily registered with the agency in charge of implementation with a term of 24 months or more.

Vietnam's Decree 17/2021/ND-CP takes effect from March 9, 2021.


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