Direct support for people in difficulty when gasoline and oil prices are high

Providing direct support to people in difficulty when gasoline and oil prices rise is the content mentioned in Resolution 499/NQ-UBTVQH15 on questioning activities at the 9th session of the National Assembly Standing Committee. XV key.

Direct support for people in difficulty when gasoline and oil prices are high

Direct support for people in difficulty when gasoline and oil prices are high (Illustration image)

Specifically, the National Assembly Standing Committee requested the Government, Prime Minister, ministers, and heads of ministerial-level agencies to focus on implementing a number of key tasks and solutions, creating dramatic changes in the public sector. State management of industry and commerce is as follows:

- Develop specific and clear scenarios and plans and implement them drastically to ensure energy safety and security, and ensure the balance between supply and demand of gasoline and oil in all situations.

- Having a comprehensive, radical and timely solution to the problems of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Plant; clarify the responsibilities of the organizations and individuals involved in the failure to perform or inadequately perform the commitments in the investment and business contracts.

- Research to expand and improve the national reserve capacity of petroleum; publicly, transparently and with solutions to separate national reserves and circulation reserves of key petroleum trading enterprises.

- Continue to manage gasoline and oil prices, closely follow world price movements, rationally use the Petroleum Price Stabilization Fund in line with the demand and supply of petrol and oil, contributing to controlling inflation, supporting production, business of enterprise, life of people.

- Combining the use of the Petroleum Price Stabilization Fund with tax tools and other tools to stabilize the market; In case gasoline and oil prices rise, direct support will be provided to people in difficulty (such as fishermen, the poor, low-income people...).

- Continue to review and perfect legal regulations on petrol and oil trading, review and adjust taxes, fees and elements constituting base price, loss norms, and normative business expenses. , profit norm... in line with reality, ensuring publicity and transparency.

- Strengthen inspection, examination and strictly handle violations in the field of petroleum trading, cases of speculation, hoarding and unreasonable and illegal price increases.

- To step up the application of advanced science and technology in the management and administration of the gasoline and oil market; do well the work of information, propaganda and create high consensus in society, contribute to economical and efficient use of energy in general and gasoline and oil in particular.

- Continue to well implement the National Assembly's resolutions on market management, prevention and combat of smuggling and counterfeiting,...

For details, see Resolution 499/NQ-UBTVQH15 , effective from March 28, 2022.



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