Vietnam: 04 conditions for granting social work practice certificates to foreigners

This is a notable content of the Draft Law on social work. According to Article 20 of the Draft Law on social work, people doing social work include:

người nước ngoài hành nghề công tác xã hội, dự thảo Luật công tác xã hội

- State officials performing state management of social work.

- Public employees doing social work at public non-business units.

- People doing social work in establishments providing social work services in the fields of social welfare, health, education, justice and other fields as prescribed by law.

- People doing social work in socio-political organizations, socio-professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, associations, enterprises and other mass organizations.

- People doing independent social work.

This is a profession that requires practice certificates. Foreigners who want to practice social work in Vietnam must meet all 04 conditions prescribed in Article 23 of the Draft Law on social work:

- Satisfy the conditions specified in Article 22 of this Law.

- Satisfy the requirements for language communication in social work practice.

- Having a criminal record certified by a competent authority of the host country.

- Having a work permit issued by a competent state agency in charge of labor in Vietnam in accordance with the labor law.

- If a foreigner has a social work practice certificate issued by a foreign country, he/she shall not participate in the examination for issuance of a social work practice certificate as prescribed in Clause 4 Article 22 of this Law.

View more details at the Draft Law on social work.

Phuong Thanh


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