Procedures for recognition of official party members according to Vietnam's Instruction 01-HD/TW

How long does it take for a reserve member to be considered for official recognition? What is the procedure for the official recognition of party members in Vietnam?

Procedures for recognition of official party members according to Vietnam's Instruction 01-HD/TW (Source: Internet)

Procedures for recognition of official party members

Instruction 01-HD/TW in 2021, procedures for consideration and recognition of official party members are as follows:

1. Certificate of training for new party members

A reserve party member must attend a training class for new party members and be granted a certificate by a district-level political training center or a party committee competent to admit party members according to the form set by the Central Organization Board.

2. Self-critique of reserve party members

After 12 months from the date of admission to the branch, the reserve party member shall write a self-criticism, clearly stating the advantages and disadvantages of performing the party member's duties and measures to overcome shortcomings and shortcomings; propose to the branch to consider and recognize official party members.

3. Remarks on the reserve member of the official party member assigned to help

Party members are assigned to help write a review of the reserve party member, clearly stating the advantages and disadvantages of the party member's ideological stance, awareness of the Party, morality, lifestyle, and the level of completion of the party's assigned tasks; branch report.

4. Comments from workplace sociopolitical organizations and branch committees of places of residence

The Party Committee has a reserve member who synthesizes opinions and comments of socio-political organizations of which he is a member; comments of the party committee or branch (where there is no branch committee) of the place of residence for reserve party members to report to the branch.

5. Resolution of the grassroots cell, party committee and decision on the recognition of official party members of the competent party committee.

The contents and procedures of the cell, the divisional party committee (if any), the grassroots party committee, and the competent level to consider and decide on the recognition of official party members shall comply with points 3 (3.6 and 3.7) of the membership admissions process.

- After receiving the decision of the competent authority to recognize official party members, the branch committee shall announce the decision in the nearest period of activities of the branch.

Party member's standby period

Pursuant to Article 5 of the Charter of the Communist Party of Vietnam:

- Persons admitted to the party must undergo a 12-month preparatory period, counting from the date the party cell organizes the admission ceremony.

During the preparatory period, the cell continued to educate, train, and assign official party members to help them improve.

- At the end of the preparatory period, the party cell considers recognizing official party members one by one and votes as when considering admission; if they are not eligible to be party members, they shall request the competent party committee to decide to remove their names from the list of reserve party members.

- The resolution of the cell on the request for recognition of official party members must be decided by the competent party committee.

- If a party member is officially recognized, the party member's age is counted from the date stated in the admission decision.

How to calculate a party member's age?

According to Vietnam's Instruction 01-HD/TW dated September 28, 2021, the age of a party member is calculated from the date the competent authority signs the decision on admission to a party member, if there is no decision on admission or the decision on admission is no longer kept. If you intend to enroll, take the date of joining the party stated on your membership card.

(In case a person has left the Party and has previously been confirmed with party age, the party age cannot be recalculated according to this regulation).

Those who have been removed from the Party who have been examined and verified by a competent authority and have concluded that they have been unjustly or wrongly accused and have not violated their Party membership status since they were removed from the Party, the party age is calculated continuously.

Party members are responsible for paying the full amount of party fees to the cell during the interruption of party activities according to the amount of party fees prescribed during that time.

Re-admitted party members must make a declaration of their party's age and report to the cell; the branch shall verify and report to the grassroots Party Committee; The grassroots Party Committee shall appraise and report to the immediate superior Party Committee.

The Standing Committee of the immediate superior Party Committee considers and issues a decision to recalculate the party age for a party member (the recalculation of the party age for a expelled party member has a definite time in accordance with the Party Charter, term II, the period of loss of contact with the party organization and the time of interruption due to the transfer of party activities shall comply with this provision).

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