What are the adjustments to the salary policy for civil servants in Vietnam 2023?

What are the adjustments to the salary policy for civil servants in Vietnam 2023? – Hai Minh (Khanh Hoa, Vietnam).

What are the adjustments to the salary policy for civil servants in Vietnam 2023? (Internet image)

Notable point on the salary policy in Vietnam 2023

Resolution 69/2022/QH15 on the state budget estimate for 2023 issued by the National Assembly stipulates many important issues regarding the implementation of the salary policy in Vietnam 2023, including:

Firstly, in 2023, the overall reform of the salary policy has not yet been implemented according to Resolution 27-NQ/TW dated 2018 of the Seventh Conference of the 12th Central Committee.

Next, from January 1, 2023, to increase the occupational incentive allowance for preventive medicine and grassroots health workers according to the Politburo's Conclusion 25-KL/TW in 2021.

From July 1, 2023, to increase the base salary for cadres, civil servants, and public employees to VND 1.8 million per month; increase pensions and social insurance allowances by 12.5% for subjects guaranteed by the state budget; and provide additional support for those who retire before 1995 with low benefits;

At the same time, it is also adjusted to increase the standard of allowance for people with meritorious services to ensure it is not lower than the poverty line in urban areas and increase 20.8% of spending on social security policies that are tied to the base salary.

Second, continue to implement the specific financial and income mechanisms for agencies and units that are implementing financial mechanisms; special incomes at the central level shall be prescribed by competent authorities for a number of state administrative agencies and units until the overall reform of the wage policy is implemented in accordance with Resolution 27-NQ/TW;

Monthly salary and additional income based on a base salary of 1.8 million VND/month beginning July 1, 2023, under a specific mechanism to ensure that the average salary and additional income in 2022 are not exceeded (excluding the portion of salary and additional income due to salary coefficient adjustment by rank or grade when raising or raising ranks).

Third, ministries, central agencies, and localities continue to implement solutions to create a source of salary reform according to regulations.

In the period of 2023–2025, it is allowed to continue to exclude some revenues when calculating the increase in local budget revenue compared to the estimate to save the source of salary reform as prescribed in Resolution 34/2021/QH15 of the National Assembly.

Source of salary reform in case the budget revenue exceeds the estimate in Vietnam

In Resolution 69/2022/QH15, the National Assembly of Vietnam assigned the government to continue to perfect the state budget collection system, strengthen revenue management, and restructure revenue sources to ensure sustainability; conduct research on amending, supplementing, and perfecting tax administration institutions, especially in some fields; and facilitate cross-border transactions to ensure the correct, sufficient, and timely collection of taxes, fees, charges, and other revenues into the state budget.

In case the central budget revenue in 2023 exceeds the estimate, request the government to report to the National Assembly Standing Committee to allocate resources towards implementing wage reform according to regulations and prioritizing reducing the state budget deficit.

Synthesize and report to the National Assembly on the implementation of National Assembly's Resolution 94/2019/QH14 on tax arrears, debt cancellation of late payment fines, and late payment interest for taxpayers who are no longer able to pay the state budget at the end of 2023.

From 2023, the government will develop a mechanism to track tax revenues declared and paid by foreign suppliers for income generated by foreign suppliers after providing differentiated goods and services to individuals and businesses in Vietnam to have a basis for assessment, improvement, and assurance of sanctions for the implementation of tax administration policies for foreign suppliers.

Strictly manage the refund of value-added tax, export tax, and import tax to ensure the right subjects in accordance with the provisions of law; continue implementing reform of tax administrative procedures; promote the electronicization of tax administration; strictly comply with regulations on auction when transferring, leasing public property, allocating, or leasing land in accordance with law.

More details can be found in Vietnam's Resolution 69/2022/QH15, dated 11/11/2022.

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