• Will is invalid due to excess of the right to dispose of property in Vietnam
  • The marriage relationship between husband and wife is established not only by giving rise to the personal relationship, the rights and obligations of husband and wife, attachment, love and fidelity to each other, but also arise the common property relationship of husband and wife. How to dispose of common property such as transfer, donation, or will is one of the questions asked by many couples.
    - 11 months ago
  • Is the land use right transfer contract not eligible to be recognized in Vietnam?
  • Currently, the demand for land transfer is going strong. When buying land, in addition to the selling price, the buyer is also interested in whether the seller has papers or not. So if the land does not have a Certificate of land use rights, can the transfer contract be performed or will it be invalidated?
    - 11 months ago
  • The contract of donation of real estate is void due to fraud in Vietnam
  • Property donation contract is a type of civil contract whereby with the agreement of two parties, the donor party transfers the property and its ownership of property to the donor. Especially for the object of the donation being real estate, this donation must be made in writing and notarized, and certified by a competent authority.
    - 11 months ago
  • The testator's rights in Vietnam
  • A will is an expression of an individual's will to transfer his or her property to someone else after death in Vietnam
    - 11 months ago
  • Joint will of husband and wife in Vietnam
  • In life, many couples have the need to make a joint will to dispose of their assets. The current law of Vietnam does not have clear provisions on common wills, so the implementation is still inadequate.
    - 11 months ago
  • Entering into an illegal contract with a multi-level marketing company in Vietnam
  • Multi-level selling is one of the most popular business forms today, permitted by law to operate under the provisions of Decree 42/2014/ND-CP of Vietnam. This is a form of business through a network of participants consisting of many levels and different branches, in which participants enjoy commissions, bonuses and other economic benefits from their business activities and the network you built.
    - 11 months ago
  • Conditional donation contract - Rights and obligations of the parties in Vietnam
  • Property donation contract is an agreement between parties whereby the donor hands over his/her property and transfers ownership rights to the donor without asking for compensation defined in Article 457 of the Civil Code 2015 of Vietnam. In essence, a property donation contract is a transfer of property ownership rights to another person.
    - 11 months ago
  • Buying a house with a capital contribution contract in Vietnam - The risk of an invalid contract
  • The demand to buy houses and apartments among Vietnamese people is very large today, along with many real estate projects that have mobilized capital from customers through signing capital contribution contracts and loan contracts. The capital contribution contract has not been strictly regulated, so investors are easily entangled in legal troubles when the parties have disputes.
    - 11 months ago
  • Claiming compensation when the deposited property is damaged in Vietnam
  • Property depository relationship is one of the civil relations specified in the Civil Code 2015 of Vietnam. According to the Law, the property depository relationship arises when the bailee receives the depositor's property for preservation and returns the same property to the sender, the sender pays wages to the holder. The parties establish this relationship by entering into a contract to keep the property.
    - 11 months ago
  • Is it acceptable to ask for a divorce when there is no sexual harmony in Vietnam?
  • Each couple comes together often for many different reasons such as love, compatibility, registration for each other,... And when asking for a divorce, there are also many reasons such as: being abused, betrayed, not in harmony with the sex matter... Therefore for the cases where the husband or wife asks for a divorce because of not in harmony with the sex matter but the other party does not agree to divorce, will the Court of Vietnam accept the divorce?
    - 11 months ago
  • Differentiate between the crime of deliberately destroying property and the crime of destroying property in Vietnam
  • Deliberately destroying property and destroying property are two acts with quite similar characteristics and are generally defined in one article as the crime of destroying or deliberately damaging property in Article 178 of the Criminal Code 2015 of Vietnam as amended and supplemented in 2017. However, these are two independent acts and cause confusion while determining the crime and in the trial process with many different points of view.
    - 11 months ago
  • Disagree to divorce because of Christianity in Vietnam
  • For Christianity, marriage is the creation of God and is indivisible. Therefore, if the husband or wife uses this reason to refuse the divorce, how will the Court of Vietnam deal with the marriage even if the marriage cannot be repaired?
    - 11 months ago
  • Organized for others to enter illegally during the COVID-19 epidemic situation in Vietnam
  • In the face of the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic situation in Vietnam and in the world, some subjects for personal gain have brought people into Vietnam illegally or helped, harbored or concealed, creating conditions for other people to enter Vietnam or stay in Vietnam illegally. Depending on the severity and consequences of the above acts, the violator may be examined for penal liability under Article 348 of the Criminal Code 2015 of Vietnam.
    - 11 months ago
  • Is it possible to claim compensation for damaged rental property in Vietnam?
  • Currently, the rental of properties is quite popular in Vietnam, the properties for rent are also quite diverse due to the nature of each industry, each job is different. However, surely not all tenants understand the rights and obligations of the parties as well as the responsibilities arising in relation to the property you rent, such as the responsibility to compensate for damage when the property is damaged.
    - 11 months ago
  • Differentiate between prosecuting and prosecution in criminal proceedings in Vietnam
  • Prosecuting and prosecution are two different stages in criminal proceedings. The prosecution, which includes prosecuting the case and prosecuting the accused, is the first stage in criminal proceedings. Prosecuting is the third stage, before bringing the accused to trial at trial. These are two separate stages, but it is still very easy to confuse due to the similar wording.
    - 11 months ago

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