Civil building

Decree 06/2021/NĐ-CP dated January 26, 2021 on elaborating on the implementation of several regulations on quality management, construction and maintenance of construction works.

Civil building

Civil building

According Decree 06/2021/ND-CP prescribing that civil construction works are utilized as follows:

(1) Residential houses:

Apartment buildings, other tenements; detached houses, separate houses combined with other civil purposes.

(2) Public works:

- Education, training and research works:

+ An independent work or a combination of works used for education, training and research purposes in the following establishments: crèches, kindergartens, primary schools, junior secondary schools, senior secondary schools, multi-level schools; universities and colleges, professional secondary schools; job-training schools, technical workers' schools, professional schools and other types of schools or training centers.

+ Hydrometeorological stations, seismic research stations, space research establishments; specialized database centers and other specialized research establishments.

- Health works:

An independent work or a combination of works used for medical examination and treatment in the following establishments: hospitals, clinics (general or specialized hospitals); health stations; maternity homes, convalescence and functional rehabilitation homes, orthopedics and convalescence homes; epidemic prevention establishments; research and experiment establishments exclusively in the health sector; and other health establishments.

- Sport facilities:

Stadiums; gymnasiums; training and competition grounds for such sports as golf, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball and other sports; swimming pools.

- Cultural works:

Conference centers, theaters, recreation centers, clubs, cinemas, circuses, dance halls; relics; museums, libraries, exhibitions and showrooms; typical and artistic works (outdoor monuments, offerings, etc.

- Religious and belief works:

+ Religious buildings: Headquarters of religious organizations, pagodas, churches, oratories, chancels, oratories, Buddhist sanctuaries; schools for professional religious activists; monuments, steles, towers and other religious buildings.

+ Belief works: temples, worship places, shrines, ancestral worship halls (ancestral worship houses) and other folk religious works.

- Trade works:

Shopping malls, supermarkets, markets, shops; restaurants, food and beverage shops and other commercial works.

- Services works:

+ Hotels, guest houses, hostels; resort establishments; villas, accommodation apartments and other accommodation service establishments;

+ Separate advertising boards; post offices, post offices, other establishments providing post and telecommunications services.

- Construction of offices and offices:

+ buildings used as offices and offices of state agencies, political organizations and socio-political organizations;

+ buildings used as head offices, offices of socio-professional organizations, public service providers, enterprises and other organizations and individuals;

+ Buildings used as offices in combination with accommodation.

- Other buildings and structures using multi-function or other mixtures.

For example: Buildings with high-rise buildings used as apartment buildings, hotels and offices are classified as mixed works.

- Buildings or other structures built in service of people's daily life.

(3) Gates, fences, security houses and other small structures for civil purposes.

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