• Fraud by winning messages via Facebook in Vietnam
  • The situation of fraud to appropriate property via phone and social networks is not a new method, but many victims easily fall into the traps of these objects. By taking advantage of users' psychology of winning prizes and easily spreading information through social networks, these subjects continue to create winning programs, impersonating websites to perform fraudulent behavior.
    - 11 months ago
  • How to divide the common property of husband and wife after divorce in Vietnam?
  • Marriage is the result of a loving process between two people, but no one can guarantee that the marriage can last forever. When the purpose of marriage is no longer achieved, divorce is the last option to free each other.

    In the process of carrying out divorce proceedings, the husband and wife are entitled to divide the property or request the Court to divide. So how do determine the common property and divide it?
    - 11 months ago
  • How to make a legal will in Vietnam?
  • A will is an expression of an individual to transfer his or her property to another person after death. However, in fact, not every will is legal and effective immediately. Nowadays, there are many cases where children and grandchildren take advantage of when grandparents or parents are no longer sane and healthy, forcing them to make a will to leave their inheritance. So are these wills really legal?
    - 11 months ago
  • What are the sanctions for online fraud to appropriate property in Vietnam?
  • Nowadays, information technology is increasingly developing, accompany technology crimes are also increasing with sophisticated tricks and unpredictable cunning. Besides, through the Internet, many people have used it as a criminal tool to appropriate property. Therefore, what sanctions apply for this type of crime in Vietnam?
    - 11 months ago
  • How to identify usury and legal analysis in Vietnam?
  • Currently, the form of loan sharking is becoming more and more popular, which has left unpredictable consequences. Hiding under many different forms such as handing out leaflets, pawnshops, unsecured loans... The act of usury is a dangerous behaviour for society and is the cause of many types of crimes. Other crimes such as: intentionally causing injury, appropriating property, etc.
    - 11 months ago
  • Settlement of common debt after divorce in Vietnam
  • Divorce - a phrase that is not too strange in today's life when couples no longer have a common voice, the purpose of marriage is not achieved. Around this content, there are many issues such as: how to divide common assets, who will have custody of children ... especially the issue of common debt. So in divorce cases, how are common debts resolved?
    - 11 months ago
  • Some issues to note when terminating the authorization contract in Vietnam
  • In life, we do not always have enough time or means to do some of our work. At such times, we will usually authorize another person to handle the work to the extent agreed upon.

    Therefore, when authorizing, it is necessary to pay attention to the following issues to ensure the rights of the authorizer and the authorized person:
    - 11 months ago
  • Comment on Criminal Precedent No. 01/2016/AL on Murder case in Vietnam
  • In recent years, many criminal precedents have been promulgated. Commenting and analyzing the legal details and events of the criminal case mentioned in it will serve as the basis for the application of similar criminal cases in the future to ensure the effective application of criminal precedent in trial practice. Below is a commentary on one of the four criminal precedents in Vietnam today.
    - 11 months ago
  • Can a divorce be conducted when either party does not agree in Vietnam?
  • Currently, divorce seems to have become a common phrase in daily life... When both husband and wife realize that the conflict has become serious, If the marriage's purpose is not achieved, they will agree to divorce to free each other and start a new life.

    One of the common problems in solving divorce cases is: only one of the two wants to get a divorce, unilaterally filing a petition to court; and the other party still insists on not agreeing to divorce or not going to the court to carry out divorce procedures in accordance with the law. So, how will the court case be resolved?
    - 9 months ago
  • Solving the case of buying a mortgaged house in Vietnam
  • Currently, transactions related to real estate are taking place quickly and easily. However, for real estate being mortgaged, if the buyer does not know the actual status of the real estate and the seller fails to comply with the law on the mortgaged property, the transaction may be disabled.
    - 11 months ago
  • Errors in construction work and compensation for damage in Vietnam
  • When the population density is increasing, the architectural works are also increasingly being built, it is more and more common for a work in the construction process to cause damage, affecting other works. So, what should be done to ensure the rights and interests of the parties when damage occurs?
    - 11 months ago
  • Legal consequences of threatening to burn the wife with gasoline in Vietnam
  • In fact, when a husband and wife have conflicts, they can't control their anger, often swearing, beating ... even sometimes threatening to burn gasoline so that the other party dies or has their beauty destroyed. What are the legal consequences of such cases of death threats?
    - 9 months ago

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