Part 1: General provisions

LawNet.vn is granted License No. 48/GP-TTĐT on October 6th 2022 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

By using information and services on LawNet.vn the apps and websites using LawNet.vn's API, Iframe as well as our online forums and communities, you agree to this Terms of Service (ToS), including later revisions. In addition, each service may also have its own ToS.

The contents on LawNet.vn include legal documents and legal knowledge. By using our services, you agree to use the current formats and contents. LawNet.vn does not assume any legal liability for incorrect application of law by users.

When using information on LawNet.vn for non-commercial purposes, you must include a reference to the source: “Theo https://lawnet.vn/” ("according to https://lawnet.vn/")

Part 2: Services

Services provided by LawNet.vn include:

1. Free Membership: Free access to all documents; popular administrative procedures; procedures for issuance of practice certificates; online personal income tax calculation; WTO, ASEAN tariff schedules; Trade Agreements;

2. Basic Membership: Look up and download all legal documents, drafts, official dispatches, etc. see their effective dates, annulment dates, related documents, replacing documents; view original documents, diagrams, table of contents, elaborated clauses, quick look up, extended search, comparison of replacing documents, etc.

3. Pro Membership: All features of Basic Membership plus English translations, Vietnam's Standards (TCVN), English translations of judgments and precedents

4. Newsletter emails: Free, Basic and Pro members will receive newsletters from LawNet.vn to be updated on changes to the legal system.

5. Get counsel and discuss legal issues: Members will receive counsel from lawyers and attorneys; discuss legal issues they have.

Part 3: Responsibilities of users

Before using LawNet.vn, you need to register an account, password and some personal information. This information must be accurate and up-to-date in your own interests.

When you need to changed your registered information (username, account holder's name, email address, phone number, etc.), you can do it in your Profile page, send an email to info@lawnet.vn, or call Customer Care for support.

You need to protect your username and password. LawNet.vn is not responsible if your password is changed because it is stolen or shared to other people by the account holder.

Each username is registered by a specific person or unit. Therefore, LawNet.vn is entitled to restrict the number of concurrent users according to your subscription plan (e.g. 1 concurrent user for Basic 1 and Pro I; 5 concurrent users for Basic 5 and Pro V).

Article 4. Limited rights of users

Your rights are limited by the following regulations:

1. Do not replicate, sell, sublease the right to use, or provide the username and password to any third party.

2. Do not use information and data from LawNet.vn to partially and fully develop another data system for commercial purposes, including selling, leasing or other commercial forms.

3. Do not remove, modify or conceal any proprietary notice or marking, including copyright, trademarks displayed on information and services on LawNet.vn.

4. Do not use the name, logo or trademarks of LawNet.vn without prior consent given in writing.

5. Do not replicate features, software, data and administration system of LawNet.vn for reuse in any shape or form;

6. Any violation of the limits specified in herein may lead to suspension or termination of your access to LawNet.vn and you will not be entitled to a refund of any fee you have paid.

Article 5. Limited rights of LawNet.vn

LawNet.vn is not responsible for any losses, legal liability or damage that is consequences of users' faults.

LawNet.vn is not responsible for any losses, legal liability or damage that is consequences of another website that contains a direct or indirect link to LawNet.vn, or contents of such website.

LawNet.vn is not responsible for any complaints or damage that is the reasons for or consequences of the use or inability to use LawNet.vn

The availability and features of LawNet.vn depend on various elements, including software, hardware and network provided by third parties, which are not immune to disruption. LawNet.vn does not guarantee that its services are always available without interruption, free of errors, or fully protected from illegal interference.

Also, LawNet.vn will always try to repair, provide technical support, upgrade or patch the software as quickly as possible. LawNet.vn has the right to add new features, provide updates or patches;

To improve and further develop, LawNet.vn may automatically download and install updates. These updates are meant to improve LawNet.vn, provide advanced features or embed new modules and versions. By using LawNet.vn, you agree to the installation of these updates.

In addition to the aforementioned limitations, any legal liability LawNet.vn has to incur or indemnify for will be equal to the latest amount of fee you paid.

Article 6. Protection of users' personal information

Confidentiality of your personal information is always our top priority.

The information you have provided and will provide for us during the process of membership registration and communication with employees of LawNet.vn will be collected, stored and used for the purpose of supporting you during the use of our products and services.

The collection, storage and use of such personal information is solely for the specific, unequivocal and lawful purposes stated in the Regulation on Protection of Personal Data to which you have given your consent and in accordance with the law of Vietnam.

Article 7. Actions against violations

LawNet.vn is entitled to take lawful measures against your violations of this ToS.

This ToS is regulated by the law of Vietnam. Any act that results in liabilities or disputes pertaining to this ToS will be settled in court.

Article 8. Implementation

Later notices and warnings on LawNet.vn will be considered additions to this ToS.

Any clause in this ToS, any later notice or warning that is invalid and/or unenforceable will be excluded from the rest of this ToS and will not have any impact to the effect and legality of the other clauses.

This ToS comes into force from October 6th 2022.