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What is grassroots organization? What units belong to the grassroots organization?

What is grassroots organization? What units belong to the grassroots organization?

What units belong to the grassroots organization? What are the missions of the grassroots organization in Vietnam? Ngoc Han-Nghe An

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1. What is grassroots organization?

According to Article 17 of the Youth Union Charter XI, there are provisions as follows:

- The basic organization of the Union includes: the grassroots unions and grassroots branches, which are the foundation of the Union, are established according to residential areas, professions, units of study, work, labor, and residence, and base units in the people's armed forces.

- The grassroots organization The Youth Union may belong to the district-level or provincial-level Youth Union depending on the specificity of each unit.

2. What units belong to the grassroots organization?

According to Clause 11 of Instruction 16-HD/TWTTN-BTC in 2018 guiding Clause 3, Article 17 of the Youth Union Charter XI, the grassroots organization of the delegation includes the following units:

(1) Branch:

- Being the cell organization of the Youth Union, the core nucleus of solidarity and gathering of young people.

- The Youth Union operates once a month.

- Trade unions located in residential areas in remote, mountainous, and remote areas, in units where the union members are dispersed over a large area or frequently go on business trips out of the area, the agency certified by the superior delegation shall conduct 3 months of activities at least once.

- Types of branches with specific characteristics:

+ The Youth Union was established in the formations of young volunteers, young volunteers, youth volunteers, young labor squads, units, groups, teams, working groups, cooperatives, etc. having a period of 6 months or more. They may belong to the immediate superior union where the branch is established or to the grassroots union where those branches operate.

+ In collective areas, workers' hostels, industrial parks, export processing zones, factories, etc., if there is no Union, the union of the commune, ward or township there shall set up affiliated branches. These unions will be the nucleus for the establishment of unions in enterprises.

+ The establishment of branches in places of credit training shall be decided by the executive committee of the university based on specific conditions under the guidance of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Youth Union.

+ For units with joint training, union members live and are under the management of the branch, school union where the union members study.

- Temporary branch:

+ In the formations of youth volunteers, young volunteers, youth volunteers, young labor formations, units, groups, teams, working groups, etc., whose duration is from 1 month to less than 6 months, and if there are 03 or more union members who move to live, work, and work in the same area, the immediate superior delegation where the above formations are made can make a decision to establish a temporary living union, appoint an interim executive committee, and hand it over to the recipient.

+ The temporary branch has the task of organizing activities to implement resolutions of the superior delegation where they are living, working, managing union members, collecting and paying union fees, and maintaining contact with the union level where it was established.

+ The union members in the temporary trade union shall perform the same duties and exercise the same powers as the temporary transfer members.

- Standing committees of provincial and district delegations are responsible for guiding the organization, operation, and activities of the branch; organizing research and building models to develop different types of branches with specific characteristics; guiding the operation of the temporary branch in accordance with the conditions and characteristics of the locality; and ensuring the principles of the Union's Charter.

- Division:

+ A division is a unit established on the basis that union members living in the same branch have relatively specific working and studying conditions or, due to geographical distance, have difficulty participating in the activities of the union without being able to separate into an independent branch.

+ Tasks of the division: to be a unit to unite, gather youth union members, organize for members to participate in activities and activities of the Union according to the resolution of the union; evaluate and classify members annually and report the results to the executive committee of the branch to conduct the process of commenting and evaluating the union's members; to request the executive committee of the branch to consider and introduce young people for the grassroots union to consider admitting to the Youth Union; to perform tasks directly authorized by the executive committee of the branch.

+ Process and procedures for establishing a division: based on the conditions of study, labor, and work, the executive committee of the branch discusses and agrees on the establishment of the division and assigns the union members to be the division leaders.

+ The mode of activities and activities of the division shall be prescribed by the executive committee of the branch, but must ensure the provisions of the charter of the union.

(2) Grassroots delegation:

- Being the direct superior of the branch. A unit with 02 or more branches and at least 30 members shall establish a grassroots union.

- For communes, wards, and townships with 02 or more branches but not enough members to establish grassroots unions.

- In particular units, the grassroots delegation may request the establishment of a divisional group (for units with a corresponding party committee level) and request the immediate superior delegation to recognize it. The divisional delegation is responsible for organizing the implementation of the resolutions of the grassroots delegation. Tasks, powers, organizational structure, seal, and term of office of divisional unions shall be applied in the same way as those of grassroots delegations.

3. What are the missions of the grassroots organization?

According to Article 18 of the Articles of Youth Union Charter XI, the grassroots organization of the union has the following tasks:

Firstly, represent, care for, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of officials, union members, and children.

Secondly, organize activities, creating an educational and training environment for union members and youth in order to contribute to the implementation of the political, economic, cultural, social, national defense, and security tasks of the locality and unit.

Third, coordinate with the authorities, mass organizations, and socio-economic organizations to do well in youth work, take care of building the Youth Union, actively build the basis of the Youth Union, Association and Team in residential areas. participate in building and protecting the Party and government.

4. What are the powers of grassroots organization?

The grassroots organizations have the following rights:

- Admission of new members, management of union members, reception and transfer of activities of the Union; introduction of elite members to the Party for training and admission; introduction of cadres and union members into the planning on training and employing cadres of the Party, the State, mass organizations, and socio-economic organizations.

- Organizing activities and movements to unite and gather young people to meet the legitimate and legitimate needs and interests of the youth; coordinating with branches, mass organizations, and economic and social organizations to create favorable environment and conditions for youth work.

- Organizing activities to create more jobs and incomes for officials, union members, and youth, creating funds for the Union's activities; using a legal seal.

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