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Are excellent graduates eligible to be considered for recruitment of civil servant in Vietnam?

Are excellent graduates eligible to be considered for recruitment of civil servant in Vietnam?

I am a law student who has just graduated with honors. Am I eligible for civil service recruitment? "Thanh Truc – HCMC, Vietnam"

Hello, Lawnet would like to answer the following:

1. Conditions for registration for civil servant recruitment in Vietnam

According to the provisions of Article 36 of the Law on Cadres and Civil Servants 2008, conditions for registration for civil servant recruitment include:

- A person who meets all the following conditions, regardless of nationality, gender, social status, belief and religion, may register for civil servant recruitment:

+ Bearing the sole nationality of Vietnamese;

+ Reaching full 18 years of age;

+ Filing an application for recruitment; having a clear personal record;

+ Possessing relevant diplomas and/or certificates;

+ Possessing political qualities and good ethics:

+ Being physically fit for the job;

+ Meeting other conditions required by the working position for which he/she applies.

- The following persons may not register for civil servant recruitment:

+ Not residing in Vietnam;

+ Having lost civil act capacity or having such capacity restricted;

+ Being examined for penal liability; currently serving a criminal sentence or court ruling or having completely served such a sentence or ruling but such criminal record has not yet been remitted, or serving the administrative measure of confinement to a medical treatment establishment or a reformatory.

(*) In addition to the conditions for registration of public servant recruitment, comply with the above provisions. The agency employing civil servants determines other conditions as required by the candidate position in accordance with the job position competency framework but not less than the general standards, must not be contrary to the provisions of law, must not discriminate against the type of training, and reports in writing to the management agency of civil servants for consideration and decision.

2. Are excellent graduates eligible to be considered for recruitment of civil servant in Vietnam?

According to the provisions of Article 10 of Decree 138/2020/ND-CP on subjects for civil servant recruitment, specifically:

- The recruitment of civil servants through recruitment examinations shall be decided by the agency competent to recruit civil servants and shall be carried out separately for each of the following groups of subjects:

+ Persons who commit to volunteering to work for 5 years or more in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions.

+ Learners according to the recruitment regime according to the provisions of the Education Law, after graduation in the locality where they are sent to study;

+ Excellent graduates, talented young scientists.

Thus, graduates with good grades are not included in the target group of civil servants when committing to working time. New excellent graduates are subject to the recruitment of civil servants through recruitment examinations.

In addition to the civil service examination, candidates can apply through the civil service exam.

According to the provisions of Article 8 of Decree 138/2020/ND-CP on the form, content, and time of the civil servant recruitment exam, as follows:

(*) Examination for civil servant recruitment is conducted in 2 rounds as follows:

- Round 1: Exam to test general knowledge and ability

+ Format of exam: Multiple-choice exam on computers (agencies that do not have the conditions to organize computer-based exams should take multiple-choice tests on paper).

In case the exam is held on a computer, the content of the multiple-choice test does not include the computer exam.

The exam content consists of 3 parts, and the exam time is as follows:

Part I: General Knowledge, 60 sentences. Exam time: 60 minutes.

Part II: Foreign Languages: 30 questions decided by the head of the agency competent to recruit civil servants. Exam time: 30 minutes.

However, candidates will be exempted from the foreign language test if they fall into the cases at point c, clause 1, Article 8 of Decree 138/2020/ND-CP.

Part III: Informatics, 30 questions required by the job position. Exam time: 30 minutes.

- Round 2: Exam for specialized professional subjects

+ Form of examination: The head of the agency competent to recruit civil servants shall decide one of three forms of examination: Interview; write; combination of interview and writing.

+ Content of the exam: To test knowledge about the Party's guidelines and lines, policies, and laws on the recruitment industry and field; job performance skills of the candidate according to the requirements of the job position to be recruited.

+ Exam time: 30 minutes for the interview (before the interview, candidates have no more than 15 minutes to prepare); 180 minutes for the written exam (not including the time to copy the question).

+ Scoring (interview test, written test): 100 points. In the case of choosing a combination of interview and written exam forms, the ratio of interview and written scores shall be decided by the Chairman of the Examination Council but must ensure a total score of 100 points.

+ In case the civil servant management agency has higher specific requirements on the content, form, and time of the exam in round 2, it shall reach agreement with the Ministry of Home Affairs before implementation.

Thus, the candidate will undergo 2 rounds of knowledge and general competency tests and a specialized professional exam and have the test result in round 2 reach 50 points or more in order from highest to lowest in the recruitment criteria of each job position.

Nguyen Ngoc Tram

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