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What are the cases where boxers still win even without competing in Vietnam?

What are the cases where boxers still win even without competing in Vietnam?

Hello, I am planning to participate in boxing, so I want to know if there are currently any legal documents regulating this sport. And is there any case where a boxer wins without finishing the match in Vietnam? Ngoc Dung - Dak Lak

Hello, Lawnet would like to answer as follows:

1. What is boxing?

Boxing is a combat sport between two people in which they use punches for offense and defense. The main goal is to knock out your opponent or win points from accurate punches. Scoring will be done by the referee; the number of referees is no less than three and no more than five. The player who gets the highest total score from the referees will be the winner.

Because of the dangerous characteristics of this sport, on September 25, 2002, the Sports Committee issued Decision 1502/QD-UBTDTT on promulgating the first Boxing Competition Law.

According to the provisions of Article 2 of Decision 1502/QD-UBTDTT, the Boxing Competition Law is applied in competitions ranging from grassroots to nationwide and international competitions in our country. Thus, in Boxing competitions, the rules of the competition must not be contrary to Decision 1502/QD-UBTDTT.

2. What are case where boxers still win even without competing in Vietnam?

Pursuant to Article 16 of Decision 1502/QD-UBTDTT, in the following cases, Boxing players automatically win or win without having to complete the qualifying round of the match, specifically the following cases:

Won because one of the competitors gave up

If an athlete voluntarily withdraws due to injury or any other reason or does not continue to compete after the break, the remaining competitor is the winner.

Won because the referee stopped the match because of an imbalance between the competitors

RSC is the term used to refer to stopping a match when an athlete is unbalanced or unable to continue playing. If an athlete, in the opinion of the referee, is unbalanced or receives too many blows, the match will be stopped, and the opponent will be the winner. Thus, the remaining opponent will naturally win the match.

Won because the referee stopped the match due to injury

According to the referee, if an athlete cannot continue to compete due to injury or physical weakness, the match will be stopped, and the opponent will be the winner. The right to make this decision rests with the referee after consulting the doctor and once the doctor's opinion has been sought, the referee must comply with that advice. The referee must also consider the other athlete's injury before making a decision. The match Medical Officer has the right to request a stoppage of the match if they consider it necessary for medical reasons. Before that, they must notify the Chief Supervisor, who will notify the referee.

The maximum stoppage time is one minute for medical officials to check whether the athlete is still eligible to compete or not (medical officer includes the Chairman of the Medical Examiner or the physician with medical responsibility for a match). If there is an injury and the match has gone past the first half, the athletes' points until the injury will be added up, and whoever has more points is the winner.

In the championship competition, the athlete who is not injured will be the winner. In a tournament between the two countries, such an injury at halftime could lead to the decision to abandon the match.

Won by disqualification

If one athlete is disqualified, the other athlete is the winner. If both athletes are disqualified, the decision will be announced. Disqualified athletes are not entitled to any awards, medals, cups, or rankings for the entire tournament. In exceptional cases, the Executive Council (or, if there is no Executive Council, the Chief Supervisor or the Jury) may request an exception, but decisions must be approved by the Executive Council.

Won because there are no opponents

When an athlete is in the ring fully dressed to compete and the other opponent does not appear, even though the loudspeaker has called his name, the bell rings, and three minutes have passed, the referee designates the athlete present in the ring as the winner. First, the referee asks the judges to fully write down the scorecards, collects the scorecards, then leads the athlete to the middle of the ring, and after the decision is announced, raises the athlete's hand as the winner.

Thus, above are the cases where boxing players will win the match without competing or having to complete the qualifying round.

Best regards!

Nguyen Ngoc Dien

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