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Vietnam: Abolishing foreign language and informatics certificates for legal assistants

Vietnam: Abolishing foreign language and informatics certificates for legal assistants

"I have just seen information about the abolition of foreign language certificate and informatics certificate for legal assistants. What are the regulations on this issue?"_Minh Khanh (An Giang)

LawNet would like to give answer for your question as following:

On September 05th 2022, Ministry of Justice has just issued Circular No. 05/2022/TT-BTP prescribing codes, standards and salary grading for professional title of legal assistant.

According to this Circular, public legal assistant must met standards on training as following:

- Having a bachelor's degree in law or higher;

- Possessing a certificate of graduation from law training or being exempted from law training;

- Having a certificate of examination result of legal assistant probation or law practice probation.

Thus, in comparison with the Joint Circular No. 08/2016/TTLT-BTP-BNV dated June 23rd 2016, Circular No. 05/2022/TT-BTP has abolished the conditions on foreign language and informatics certificates in standards on training of public legal assistant.

However, in the standards of professional competence, public legal assistant must have basic information technology skills, can use foreign languages or use ethnic minority languages in case of working in ethnic minority areas according to the requirements of working positions.

Morover, Circular No. 05/2022/TT-BTP prescribes calculation for the position of public legal assistant as following:

- Class I legal assistant (Code: V02.01.00), the salary coefficient for public employees of class A3 and group A3.1 is applied (salary coefficient is from 6.20 to salary coefficient 8.00) (Currently, there is no regulation on the professional title of class I legal assistant);

- Class II legal assistant (Code: V02.01.01), the salary coefficient for public employees of class A2, group A2.1 is applied (salary coefficient is from 4.40 to 6.78);

Class III legal assistant (Code: V02.01.02), the salary coefficient of class A1 is applied (the Circular No. 05/2022/TT-BTP takes effect from October 20th 2022 and replaces the Joint Circular No. 08/2016/TTLT-BTP-BNV dated June 23rd 2016.


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