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05 tasks of trade union members according to the Vietnam Trade Union Charter

05 tasks of trade union members according to the Vietnam Trade Union Charter

What are the specific tasks of Vietnam Trade Union members according to the Trade Union Charter? Quoc Huy (Quang Ngai)

Regarding this matter, LawNet would like to answer as follows: 

1. General introduction of the Vietnam Trade Union

The Vietnam Trade Union, formerly known as the Red Trade Union of North Vietnam, was established on July 28, 1929.

The Vietnam Trade Union is a large socio-political organization of the working class and laborers, voluntarily established by workers with the aim of gathering and uniting forces to build a strong Vietnamese working class, promote international solidarity, and strive for peace, democracy, national independence, and social progress.

The Vietnam Trade Union has the class nature of the working class and a mass character. It is a member of the political system led by the Communist Party of Vietnam, and it cooperates with the State, coordinates with other socio-political organizations and social organizations. It operates within the framework of the Constitution and laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The Vietnam Trade Union is loyal to the interests of the working class based on its connection with the interests of the nation and the people. Its functions include representing workers, caring for and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers, participating in state management and socio-economic management, inspecting, supervising, and monitoring the activities of state agencies, organizations, units, and enterprises concerning the rights and obligations of workers. It also propagates and mobilizes workers to study, improve qualifications and vocational skills, comply with laws, and build and defend the homeland.

2. 05 tasks of trade union members according to the Vietnam Trade Union Charter

Specifically, the 5 tasks that trade union members need to fulfill according to the Vietnam Trade Union Charter are:

(1) Fulfilling the duties of citizens, living and working according to the Constitution and laws, and contributing to the construction and defense of the homeland.

(2) Complying with and implementing the Vietnam Trade Union Charter, resolutions of trade unions at all levels, participating in trade union activities and meetings, and paying union fees as regulated.

(3) Continuously learning and improving political, cultural, professional, vocational, and occupational skills, and cultivating the qualities of the working class.

(4) Solidarity and assistance to colleagues in labor and life, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers and trade unions, continuously improving productivity, quality, and work efficiency, and participating in building strong institutions, units, and enterprises.

(5) Promoting and mobilizing workers to join the Vietnam Trade Union and participate in building a strong trade union organization.

3. What are the rights and benefits of trade union members in Vietnam?

According to Decision 174/QD-TLD in 2020 on the Vietnam Trade Union Charter, trade union members in Vietnam have the following rights:

(1) Participating in the establishment of grassroots trade unions and enterprise-level trade unions and engaging in trade union activities as regulated by the Vietnam Trade Union Charter.

(2) Requesting the trade union to represent and protect their legitimate rights and interests when infringed upon.

(3) Accessing information, discussing, proposing, and voting on the work of trade union organizations; nominating, recommending, and electing the leadership of trade union organizations; questioning trade union officials; and making recommendations for disciplinary actions against trade union officials who commit misconduct. Outstanding members may be recommended for consideration of Party membership.

(4) Disseminating the Party's guidelines, policies, resolutions, and relevant laws and regulations of the State regarding trade unions and workers. Proposing to trade union organizations to request employers to implement regimes and policies as prescribed by law.

(5) Receiving guidance, legal advice, and free legal assistance on labor and trade union laws from the trade union; participating in litigation in labor cases to protect their legitimate rights and interests as prescribed by law.

(6) Receiving visits and assistance from the trade union in case of illness, difficulties, or disasters; participating in cultural, sports, entertainment, and travel activities organized by the trade union; priority consideration for enrollment in schools and classes organized by the trade union; receiving guidance and assistance from the trade union in finding employment and vocational training.

(7) Issuance of trade union membership cards and enjoying benefits when using services from trade union facilities, as well as participating in other forms of cooperation and collaboration of the trade union.

(8) Trade union members who lose their jobs are temporarily exempted from trade union activities and union dues for a period not exceeding 12 months from the date of job loss.

(9) Enjoying trade union activities during retirement, receiving assistance from the workplace trade union in the retirement procedures, and receiving support from the local trade union where they reside in case of difficulties. They can also participate in retired club activities and the retired liaison committee, supported by the trade union.

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