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05 professional ethical standards for procurators in Vietnam

05 professional ethical standards for procurators in Vietnam

I want to learn more about the profession of a procurator and the professional ethics of a procurator. "Hoang Minh-Da Nang, Vietnam"

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On February 7, 2023, the Procurator General of the Supreme People's Procuracy of Vietnam issued Decision 21/QD-VKSTC on the Code of Professional Ethical Standards for Procuracy Officers.

1. General requirements for procurators

Thus, the general requirements for the Procuracy officer are as follows:

- Absolute loyalty to the fatherland and the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, to the Communist Party of Vietnam; strict adherence to the People's Procuracy's organizational and operational principles.

- Always speak, write, and follow the program, charter, resolutions, directives, conclusions, regulations, decisions, laws of the state, and regulations of the People's Procuracy in performing official duties; Be dedicated and professional in handling work.

- Demonstrate strong political will, refusing to shirk responsibility and fighting bravely against violations, crimes, and corrupt and negative acts; steadfastly defend the Constitution, the law, justice, and fairness.

- Possess high moral qualities such as integrity, honesty, seriousness, decency, and humanity; always prioritize the interests of the party, the state, the people, and the collective over their own.

- Concentrate on cultivating yourself, training yourself, remaining vigilant, remaining firm in your ideals, will, and sense of discipline, and living a healthy lifestyle.

2. 05 professional ethical standards of procurators

In addition, there are 05 standards of professional ethics for the procurator, including:

2.1. Justice

Fairness is a quality that requires a procurator to meet the following requirements:

- In handling work, one must always be fair, fair, lucid, transparent, strict, and humane.

- In the process of settling cases, cases must always meet political, legal, and professional requirements.

- One must always be properly aware of issues, not for personal motives, self-interest, or self-interest that violates the law or is contrary to justice.

- Not affected or governed by any illegal interference; not afraid of authority, can not be bought.

2.2. Integrity

Integrity is a quality that requires a procuracy officer in the course of performing his/her duties and responsibilities to meet the following requirements:

- Always be honest, straightforward, sincere, and righteous; place a high value on work; and have a strong opinion about work.

- Have a strong, high sense of responsibility; be willing to fight the wrong and defend the right.

- Dare to think, dare to do, and dare to take responsibility for their decisions; boldly and decisively propose creative, flexible, and effective forms and measures for solving work.

2.3. Objectivity

Objectivity is the working method of the Procuracy officer; Accordingly, the procurator must meet the following requirements:

- Must be objective, always respecting objective truth; handle work in accordance with industry laws and regulations; not for personal or group interests; and not bias or impose subjective personal prejudices on any party in the resolution of the case or cases.

- Not interfere illegally in the performance of official duties by individuals, agencies, and units inside and outside the Procuracy.

2.4. Prudence

Prudence requires that the Procuracy officer in the process of performing his/her duties and responsibilities must meet the following requirements:

- When solving work, it is necessary to consider, delve into, analyze and clarify the nature of the matter to avoid errors when making decisions.

- Fully determine the political requirements, legal basis and practical basis to settle the case or case in accordance with the law, ensuring strictness and timeliness; at the same time, serve well the political tasks of the central and local governments.

- Resolutely fight against the "disease" through speakers, roughly, consider things in a superficial, irresponsible way.

- Be cautious, but do not hesitate or procrastinate; be resolute but not subjective; haste leads to the resolution of the case and a lack of accuracy.

2.5. Humility

Humility is the behavior and attitude of a procurator, which requires a procurator to meet the following requirements:

- Always have the right consciousness and attitude in self-recognition, self-assessment, market-seeking, being exemplary, simple, sociable, and consciously preserving the image of the People's Procuracy.

- No bureaucracy, authority, or bossiness; not complacent, conceited, egotistical, or looking down on others; always respecting and serving the people.

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