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05 judgments on the crime of torturing children and parents in Vietnam

05 judgments on the crime of torturing children and parents in Vietnam

Currently, the situation of children being violent, beating parents, or parents abusing and beating children is happening more and more, causing public outrage. Therefore, for cases of beating and abusing parents and children, what is the level of punishment?

Here is a summary of 5 judgments on the crime of torturing parents and children.

1. Judgment 40/2021/HSST dated 18/05/2021 for intentionally causing injury and child abuse

+ Trial level: First instance.

+ Trial agency: People's Court of Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province.

+ Excerpt from the content: “Nguyen Huu E, a 4th grader at AC Commune Primary and Secondary School, is Nguyen Huu A's child. Because both of his parents had to serve prison sentences when he was a young age, E lives with his grandmother, Mrs. Nguyen Thi F. In February 2018, A finished serving his prison sentence, so he picked up her grandson E to live with. A often curses without reason and uses his hands, feet, plows, umbrellas, bicycle pumps, and hammers to beat his nephew E. There were many times when A forced E to take off all his clothes and stand in the street in front of the motel room to dry in the sun for more than 1 hour in the afternoon; lying on the roof of the sewage drain at the door of the motel room in the evening, not allowing to enter the room for more than 01 hour; eat raw leaves after grandchild E picked vegetables against A's will. After a few times when A hit grandson E during the day, everyone stopped him, then A turned to beat him at night, not letting him cry, E could only beg: "I'm begging you, dad, forgive me, If you don't let me eat, don't hit me, don't let me be a human, don't let me be an animal."

+ Sanction: Nguyen Huu A 02 years and 03 months in prison for the crime of "Intentionally causing injury" and 02 years and 03 months in prison for the crime of "Torturing children".

2. Judgment 39/2021/HSST dated 12/05/2021 for intentionally causing injury and torturing children and grandchildren

+ Trial level: First instance.

+ Judicial body: People's Court of XM district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province

+ Quote from the content: “Around February 2020, B and G brought their children and grandchildren to rent 02 rooms of TT motel in TT PB to stay. B and G continue to force children D and T to ask for money in BR city and XM district. Police TT PB, XM district discovered and asked B and G to go back to work, but the two did not comply then took their children and grandchildren to escape to rent a room in LK town to stay and forced D and T to go begging. At this time, child H was pregnant with B, on December 15, 2020, child H gave birth to a child, named DVP. After grandchild H gave birth, G carried grandson P onto the bus or B used a motorbike to ask for money with grandson D in many places in the city of LK, on ​​April 18, 2020, child P got sick and died. After burying P, B and G continued to beat and curse, forcing D and T to ask for money in many places in LK city, Dong Nai province, if they don't ask for 900,000 VND every day, they will be beaten by B and G with hands, feet, whips and mosquito nets."

+ Sanction: defendants T and: 04 years in prison for the crime: "Abusing children".

3. Judgment 04/2021/HSST dated 02/02/2021 for child abuse

+ Trial level: First instance.

+ Judicial agency: People's Court of Bu Gia Map district, Binh Phuoc province.

+ Quoting the content: “Nguyen Van Ng and Nguyen Thi H married in 2018; When H married Ng, Ms. H had a child of her own, Nguyen Anh Kh, born in 2012. On May 30, 2020, Mrs. H returned to her hometown in Hanoi, so she entrusted Nguyen Anh Kh to Ng's care and upbringing. Around 9 pm on June 8, 2020, after eating dinner, Ng told Kh to go to sleep but Kh did not listen and sat outside to play, seeing that Ng scolded, Kh went to bed. When Kh went to bed, Ng followed with his right hand slapping Kh's left arm, at this time Ng saw a knife nearby (a Thai knife, the back of the serrated knife), Ng holds the knife and uses the cheek of the knife to hit Kh's left thigh and right thigh about 7 to 8 times. When hitting Kh, the back of the knife hit Kh's right calf, causing Kh to bleed, seeing that Ng stopped hitting and took Kh to the medical center of Bu Gia Map district for treatment."

+ Sanction: defendant Nguyen Van Ng 07 months and 27 days in prison, from June 9, 2020.

4. Judgment 59/2018/HS-ST dated 14/08/2018 for child abuse

+ Trial level: First instance.

+ Judicial agency: People's Court of Vinh Long city, Vinh Long province.

+ Quote from the content: "During the period from the beginning of August 2017 to September 15, 2017, it was alleged that Vo Hieu N was hyperactive, destructive, did not listen to instructions, Defendant D refused to let his son N go to school, leaving him at home. Using a bamboo whip, 66cm long, 0.8cm in diameter at the smallest place, and 01cm in the largest place, to beat N many times; in which there are about 5-6 times hitting many parts of N's body, each part hitting many times. The times D hit N, causing many open wounds, and bleeding, after the wound healed, leaving scars and bruises, D continued to beat. At about 8.00 am on September 16, 2017, Nguyen Thi Xuan D continued to hit her nephew with a bamboo whip several times, but was discovered by Mr. Ho Huu Thanh T and reported to the Police of Ward 4, Vinh Long City to handle."

+ Sanction: defendant Nguyen Thi Xuan D was sentenced to 9 months in prison but suspended. The probationary period is 18 (eighteen) months.

5. Judgment 08/2021/HS-ST dated February 5, 2021 on the crime of torturing parents

+ Trial level: First instance.

+ Judicial agency: People's Court of Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province.

+ Quote content: "Around May 2019 Vo Phuoc L got divorced, so he returned to live at the house of his father, Mr. Vo Van M. At about 5 pm, on March 17, 2020, Vo Phuoc L, after drinking alcohol at Mr. M's house, saw Mr. M sitting down to eat dinner, then L used his hand to hit Mr. M's shoulder, neck and body several times causing Mr. M to fall to the floor, L continued to kick his back and neck with his foot, causing Mr. M to choke. At this time, Mr. M begged and L stopped to hit Mr. M. L also loudly cursed Mr. M, then Mr. M was taken by his relatives to the health station of TP commune, Lai Vung district for treatment. On March 18, 2020, Mr. M filed a criminal complaint against L for the act of "Abusing parents."

+ Sanction: defendant Vo Phuoc L - 09 months in prison.

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