To suggest 12 prohibited acts in lottery business in Vietnam

To suggest 12 prohibited acts in lottery business in Vietnam
Nguyễn Thị Diễm My

This is the content of the draft Decree on lottery business in Vietnam, replacing the Decree No. 30/2007/ND-CPand Decree 78/2012/ND-CP.

In the context of fast development of Vietnam's lottery market, on the basis of the above-mentioned assessments, the draft Decree provides for prohibited acts, including:

- Organizing illegal lottery business activities in Vietnam in all forms and means.

- Using results of lottery issued by lottery business enterprises to organize programs for participation in winning prizes.

- Issuing lottery from foreign countries to domestic organizations and individuals.

- Issuing lottery tickets outside the area where issuing lottery tickets of the permitted area as prescribed by law.

- Issuing lottery tickets in excess of the limit of quantity of tickets permitted for issuance as prescribed by law.

- Falsifying winning results.

- Forging lottery tickets in any form.

- Using lottery as a means of money laundering, terrorism financing and financing of weapons of mass destruction.

- Providing predicted information about lottery results.

- Taking advantage of sales promotion of chance to do lottery business illegally aiming to earn profits by collecting money from customers.

- Selling lottery tickets, buying lottery tickets, distributing lottery tickets in any form and all types of vehicles without permission as prescribed by law on lottery business.

- Other prohibited acts as prescribed by law.

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