Ministry of Education and Training requests universities in Vietnam to confirm online admission for candidates

Below is one of the options proposed by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam for universities to consider to ensure the enrollment process in the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic specified in Official Dispatch 3567/BGDĐT-GDDH dated 20/8/2021 on continuing to implement university enrollment; College degree in Preschool Education in 2021.

Specifically, Vietnam's Official Dispatch 3567/BGDDT-GDDH states that due to the complicated epidemic situation, many candidates have not been able to submit the original certificate of exam results to schools for admission.

Therefore, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam recommends universities in Vietnam consider the following options:

(1) Schools extend the time to receive admission confirmation documents for candidates;

(2) Schools that confirm online admission:

- If candidates have received the original high school graduation exam results, schools guide candidates to send barcode images via online forms to confirm and enter barcodes into the system. (Schools need to specify and clearly inform candidates about: the procedures, requirements to confirm admission only at a training institution, forms of candidates' guarantee);

- If candidates have not received the original results of the high school graduation exam, the schools will guide the candidates to confirm their online enrollment in the school's list, and when receiving the test results, follow the steps a) above.

From August 24, 2021 to August 25, 2021, the enrollment portal (System) will be open for candidates and points to receive internship dossiers to adjust their aspirations for online registration. Guidance documents for adjusting the registration of registration papers are posted at

More details can be found in Vietnam's Official Dispatch 3567/BGDDT-GDDH dated August 20, 2021.


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