Notable documents of last week (May 2 - 8, 2022) in Vietnam

Notable documents of last week (May 2 - 8, 2022) in Vietnam
Nguyễn Như Mai

Above are some new documents updated on May 02 – 08/5/2022 in Vietnam.

1. Other sufferers of other diseases who are receiving COVID-19 health insurance benefits in Vietnam

The Government of Vietnam promulgates the Decree No. 29/2022/ND-CP providing guidance on the implementation of a number of mechanisms and policies in the healthcare sector for the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic (which took effect on April 29, 2022).

Accordingly, the responsibility to pay the cost of COVID-19 disease prevention and control at the establishments collecting and treating COVID-19 is as follows:

- The non-business agencies, units managing officials, public servants, public employees and employees are responsible for payment of the expenses including:

+ Salaries, wages, salary-based allowances and other contributions based on salary ranks, grades and titles for employees under their management who are mobilized and employed at the establishments for collection and treatment of COVID-19.

The employer shall prepare a detailed list of the funds paid by the employer's revenues to employees who are mobilized and dispatched to the business operators or the hospital in charge of management and administration of the business operation and provision of COVID-19 treatment services in accordance with regulations in Clause 2 Article 1 of the Government's Resolution No. 168/NQ-CP dated December 31, 2021 on certain policies on prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemics (hereinafter referred to as "the supervisory hospital");

+ Expenses prescribed at Points a and d, Clause 3, Article 4 of this Decree for employees under their management who are mobilized to work at the establishments collecting and treating COVID-19 in case of not more than one month, these expenses shall be paid according to the regime applicable to the units managing cadres, civil servants, public employees and laborers;

+ Expenditures on SARS-CoV-2 and medical isolation tests after completion of the task of COVID-19 disease prevention and control shall be subject to regulations adopted by the Ministry of Health.

- COVID-19 collecting and treating establishments and governing hospitals shall be responsible for paying costs referred to in Clause 2 Article 4 of the Decree No. 29/2022 (exclusive of costs covered by public service providers under the management of public officials, servants and employees prescribed in Clause 1 Article 5 of the Decree No. 29/2022).

As for the expenses specified in Point a Clause 1 Article 5 of the Decree No. 29/2022, the COVID-19 receiving and treating facility and the governing hospital shall be responsible for reimbursing public service providers that manage public officials, servants, employees and contractual employees to collect and treat COVID-19 according to the data provided in the list.

2. Change of the scope of cadre reassignment in Vietnam

The Politburo promulgates the Regulation No. 65-QD/TW dated April 28, 2022 on rotation of cadres, of which the rotation of cadres is changed as follows:

To rotate from superior to subordinate levels, from lower to superior levels, from one locality to another; and among agencies and organizations of the same level in the political system.

(Previously, this circular covers: Rotations from central to local levels; from one locality to another; from the locality to grassroots and vice versa; rotations among agencies, Party and state units, Fatherland Front and socio-political mass organizations, armed forces, public non-business units and state enterprises).

In addition, Regulation 65-QD/TW on viewpoints and principles of rotation of cadres, the Political Bureau prescribes a number of new points as follows:

- Not to increase posts for rotation of cadres. Special cases shall be decided by the Political Bureau;

- To annul the provision "not to transfer to the central government, to the localities or to other localities officials who are disciplined, weak capacity, prestige and no development prospect" as compared with the previous stipulations.

The Decision No. 65/QD-TW comes into force from April 28, 2022 and replaces the Regulation No. 98-QD/TW dated October 07, 2017.

3. Solutions for raising the effectiveness of military-civilian work in Vietnam

On April 29, 2022, the Prime Minister has promulgated the Decision No. 545/QD-TTg on approval for the program of combination of people's health care by 2030. The solutions for improving the efficiency of civil and military medical cooperation include:

- To perfect the regulation on coordination between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense in the combination between military and civilian health forces.

- To perfect the organization and operation coordination regulations of military medical boards of all levels.

- Formulating documents guiding the combination of military and civilian medicine in medical examination and treatment; prevention and control of natural disasters, catastrophes and epidemics.

In addition, the requirement of strengthening and raising the capacity of medical examination and treatment, prevention and control of epidemics at the grassroots health level, including:

- To support the repair, upgrading and supplementation of medical equipment for military and civilian health centers in island districts, civil-military health stations of island communes, land border communes, border-guard army medical clinics and military and civilian infirmaries.

- Supporting the provision of telemedicine examination and treatment.

- Provide training courses for military and civilian medical officers at local medical facilities to enable them to provide first aid and treatment for common diseases and manage chronic diseases at local medical facilities.

The details in Decision No. 545/QD-TTg takes effect from the date of its signing.

4. Studying amendments to the Decree guiding the Land Law of Vietnam

The Resolution No. 64/NQ-CP dated May 06, 2022 on the implementation of policies and laws on planning from the effective date of the Law on Planning and a number of measures for improving the quality and speed up the formulation of planning for the period of 2021-2030 ...

Accordingly, the Government of Vietnam assigns the concerned ministries and agencies to perform the following tasks:

- The Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam promptly study amendments to the Decree No. 37/2019/ND-CP providing guidance on the Law on Planning; and

- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam shall expeditiously study amendments and supplements to the Decree No. 148/2020/ND-CP to provide amendments and supplements to a number of Decrees providing guidance on Land Law in accordance with the Law on Environmental Protection by 2020 and the National Assembly's Resolutions on supervision of implementation of policies and laws on planning from the effective date of the Law on Planning and certain solutions for improving quality and accelerating the formulation of planning for the period of 2021 - 2030.

- Ministries shall study and amend documents detailing and guiding the implementation of planning work which are inconsistent and overlapping so as to promptly solve problems and difficulties in order to speed up the planning progress and quality;

Promptly reviewing, studying and promulgating or submitting to competent authorities for promulgation regulations on standards and technical regulations on planning.

Ministries shall strengthen cooperation in upgrading the national planning information system and database, unify technologies and format of planning data, updating and sharing information in a public and transparent manner;

Intensify the dissemination of policies and laws on planning; promote administrative procedures; inspect and deal with violations against regulations on planning.


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