What is cadastral measurement? Regulations on cadastral measurements in Vietnam

What is cadastral measurement? What are the regulations on cadastral measurements in Vietnam? - Nhat Minh (Binh Duong, Vietnam)

What is cadastral measurement? Regulations on cadastral measurements in Vietnam (Internet image)

1. What is cadastral measurement?

According to Clauses 5, 6, and Article 3 of Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT:

- Extracting cadastral measurements from a land plot is a separate cadastral measurement for a land plot in a location where there is no cadastral map to serve land management needs.

- The cadastral measurement extract is a drawing showing the results of the cadastral measurement of the land plot.

2. Regulations on cadastral measurements in Vietnam

Article 18 of Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT stipulates cadastral measurement in Vietnam as follows:

- Cadastral measurements of land plots are extracted at 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000, and 1:10000 scales.

The determination of the rate of cadastral measurement of the land plot shall comply with the provisions of Clause 1 and Article 6 of Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT, and it is allowed to choose a map scale one level larger than the regulation to suit the size of the land plot.

- The cadastral measurements of the land plot are extracted using the national coordinate system VN-2000.

In cases of separation of cadastral measurements for households and individuals, they shall be carried out in the national coordinate system VN-2000 or a free coordinate system.

- When deducting cadastral measurements of land plots serving the issuance of certificates of land use rights and ownership of houses and other land-attached assets, the certificate of house ownership and residential land use rights according to the provisions of the law on land and the law on housing must concurrently make a written confirmation of the results of the measurement of the current status of the land parcel according to the form specified in Appendix 12 attached to Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT.

- The cadastral measurement extract is edited in the form of a square or rectangle to represent the plot of land extracted from the measurement.

The frame and presentation of the cadastral measurements are made according to the form specified at Point 3, Section III of Appendix 01 attached to Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT.

If cadastral measurements are extracted in the course of land registration and certificate issuance, the frame and presentation of the cadastral measurement excerpt must conform to the form specified in Point 4 of Section III of Appendix No. 1 attached to Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT.

Cadastral measurements are numbered in Arabic numerals from 01 to the end of a year within the commune-level administrative unit.

- The measurement, presentation, and adjustment of the land plot in the measured plot are the same as for the object, which is the land plot on the cadastral map specified in Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT.

When cadastral measurements are extracted from two or more land plots at the same time that can be shown within the same piece of cadastral measurement, they must be shown in that one piece.

- The digital cadastral measurement fragment can be built using many different application software programs, but the finished product file must be converted to the *.dgn file format.

In addition, when performing cadastral measurements in the VN-2000 national coordinate system, it is also necessary to enter fully descriptive information about the data (metadata) according to the technical regulations on cadastral data standards of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam with each piece of cadastral measurement.

A cadastral measurement piece of paper is printed on a paper size ranging from A4 to A0 depending on the size of the land plot to be measured and the rate of extraction to represent the entire plot of land to be measured and at a position sufficient to present the frame according to the law.

3. Is the cadastral measurement used as a basis for the issuance of LURC in Vietnam?

According to Article 100 of the Land Law 2013, Article 18 of Decree 43/2014/ND-CP, and the above regulations, cadastral measurements are not one of the documents on land use rights, so the presence or absence of cadastral measurements is not a basis for the issuance of a LURC.

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