Approval of the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House in Vietnam

What are the details regarding the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House approved by the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam? - Chi Thien (Nam Dinh)

Approval of the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House in Vietnam

Approval of the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House in Vietnam (Internet image) 

On January 29, 2024, the Ministry of Justice issued Decision 127/QD-BTP approving the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House.

Approval of the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House in Vietnam

Specifically, the Ministry of Justice approves the Work Plan for 2024 of the Judicial Publishing House in Vietnam with the following objectives and requirements:

(1) Objectives

- Specifically determine the directions, tasks, goals, and implementation solutions for the work tasks in 2024 to ensure proactiveness, unity, and coherence in the implementation and coverage of all areas of work and all aspects of operations of the Judicial Publishing House (hereinafter referred to as the Publishing House). Actively strengthen advisory work and propose new methods and work practices from the grassroots level to further enhance the role and quality of publishing activities. At the same time, continue to innovate and improve the quality of publishing products of the Publishing House to effectively serve the propaganda, dissemination of the Party's guidelines, policies, and laws of the State, activities of construction, law enforcement, and other activities of the Ministry of Justice, serving the people and businesses; provide timely, complete, and quality citizenship papers and citizenship booklets as required by local justice agencies to contribute effectively to the state management of citizenship by the Ministry of Justice at the local level.

- Continue to strictly implement the directives, objectives, and closely follow the Party's guidelines and laws of the State, especially the directions of the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Information and Communications related to press and publishing work.

- Concentrate all resources and promote the spirit of unity, proactiveness, creativity, and responsibility of the staff and workers of the Publishing House in organizing the implementation of the professional tasks of the Publishing House; align the activities of the Publishing House with the overall activities of the Ministry and the justice sector.

- Direct and manage the organization and implementation of the assigned tasks, ensuring close adherence to practicality and the assigned functions and tasks, orientation, and work plans of the Publishing House; ensure specificity, clarity, and detail in each job, each task to timely urge, inspect, and supervise the progress of organizing and implementing work tasks; and timely detect, resolve, and overcome difficulties, obstacles, and shortcomings arising in the process of organizing and implementing the assigned tasks and activities of the Publishing House.

- Continue to effectively implement the projects "Improving the efficiency of activities and completing the organization of the Judicial Publishing House in the period 2022-2025, towards 2030" and "Publishing, distributing, and using political theory books of the Ministry of Justice in the period 2021-2025.".

(2) Requirements

- The Work Plan for 2024 of the Publishing House must closely follow the directions and guidance of the directing and managing agencies in publishing work; the political tasks assigned by the Ministry, the justice sector, meeting the requirements of production and business tasks and being suitable for the functions, tasks, and actual situation of the Publishing House.

- The content of the work must be specific, clear, have focal points, ensure feasibility and effectiveness; the deadline for completion, responsibilities of each unit and individual must be clearly defined, specified in each task to ensure the tasks are organized, implemented on schedule with high efficiency to contribute to consolidating and further enhancing the reputation and brand of the Publishing House.

More details can be found in Decision 127/QD-BTP, taking effect on January 29, 2024.

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