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What are the professional ethical standards of nurses in Vietnam?

What are the professional ethical standards of nurses in Vietnam?

What are the professional ethical standards of nurses? How long does it take to practice at the hospital to receive a practicing certificate? Mr. Tran Nghia (Thanh Hoa).

Regarding the above question, Lawnet would like to answer as follows:

What are the professional ethical standards of nurses in Vietnam?

Pursuant to Article 3 of Joint Circular 26/2015/TTLT-BYT-BNV, General Standards of Professional Ethics for Nursing, Midwifery, and Medical Technology Positions,  the professional ethical standards of nurses are specifically as follows:

- Dedicated to serving the cause of caring for, protecting, and improving people's health.

- Understand and comply with the code of conduct of health officials.

- Practice your profession in accordance with regulations, rules, technical professional procedures, and other provisions of the law.

- Continuously study to improve qualifications and professional capacity.

- Respect the rights of patients, respect women, and respect human rights;

- Honesty, objectivity, fairness, responsibility, solidarity, respect, and cooperation with colleagues in professional practice.

What are tasks of nurses when receiving patients?

For receiving patients, nurses need to follow the regulations in Article 5 of Circular 31/2021/TT-BYT, specifically as follows:

- Reception, classification, screening, and initial emergency treatment:

+ Receive and coordinate with doctors in classifying, screening, and providing first aid to patients;

+ Arrange patients for medical examination according to priority order of medical condition, subjects (elderly people, war invalids, pregnant women, children, and other policy beneficiaries), and according to order of examination. ;

+ Instruct or assist patients in performing medical examinations and paraclinical techniques as prescribed by doctors for patients coming for medical examinations;

+ Receive, support procedures, and arrange patients for inpatient treatment.

- Clinical assessment:

+ Examining and assessing the current health status and basic needs of each patient;

+ Identify risks affecting the patient's health;

+ Determine nursing diagnoses and prioritize nursing diagnoses that directly impact the patient's health and life;

+ Decentralize patient care based on the nurse's assessment of the patient's health status and the doctor's assessment of the severity level and disease prognosis to coordinate with the doctor to decentralize patient care;

+ Forecast influencing factors and medical incidents that may occur during patient care.

In addition to admitting patients, nurses also need to identify and implement nursing care interventions and must evaluate the results of implementing nursing care interventions according to the provisions of Article 6 and Article 7 of Circular 31/2021/TT-BYT.

How long do nurses need to practice at the hospital before being granted a practicing certificate?

Pursuant to Clause 1, Article 24 of the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment 2009 (the document expires on January 1, 2024 and is replaced by the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment 2023), the confirmation of the practice process with the following content:

- People with medical-related professional degrees issued or recognized in Vietnam, before being granted a practicing certificate, must undergo a period of practice at the following medical examination and treatment facilities:

+ 18 months of practice at a hospital or research institute with hospital beds (hereinafter referred to as hospitals) for doctors;

+ 12 months of practice at the hospital for physicians;

+ 09 months of practice at a hospital with an obstetrics department or at a maternity home for student midwives;

+ 09 months of practice at medical examination and treatment facilities for nurses and technicians.

- The head of a medical examination and treatment facility is responsible for confirming in writing the practice process for people who have practiced at their facility, including content on time, professional capacity, and ethics. job.

Thus, nurses need to practice for at least 9 months to be eligible for a practicing certificate.

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