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Types of Land and their corresponding codes in Vietnam

Types of Land and their corresponding codes in Vietnam

How many types of Land are there in Vietnam nowadays and what are their corresponding codes? The following article will help you have a better understand of each type of land when reading the cadastral map, land use right certificate.

Currently, according to the provisions of Article 10 of the Land Law 2013 of Vietnam depending on land use purpose, land is classified into the following types:

I. Agricultural land, including:

1. Land for cultivation of annual crops, including paddy land and land for cultivation of other annual crops;

2. Land for cultivation of perennial trees;

3. Land for production forests;

4. Land for protection forests;

5. Land for special-use forests;

6. Land for aquaculture;

7. Land for salt production;

8. Other agricultural land, including land used to build greenhouses and other building types for cultivation purpose, including fanning not directly on the land, or to build breeding facilities for cattle, poultry and other animals as permitted by law; land for cultivation, breeding and aquaculture for the purpose of learning, research or experimentation; land for planting and nursing seedlings and breeders, and land for growing flowers and ornamental plants.

II. Non-agricultural land, including:

1. Residential land, including rural residential land and urban residential land;

2. Land for construction of offices;

3. Land for national defense or security purpose;

4. Land for construction of non-business facilities, including land for construction of offices of non-business organizations; land for construction of cultural, social, health, education and training, physical training and sports, science and technology, and diplomatic facilities and other non-business facilities;

5. Land for non-agricultural production and business, including land for industrial parks, industrial clusters, export processing zones; land for trading and service; land of non-agricultural production establishments; land used for mining activities; and land for production of building materials, and pottery;

6. Land used for public purposes, including land used for transport (including airports, airfields, inland waterway ports, maritime ports, rail system, road system and other transport facilities); irrigation; land with historical-cultural relics or scenic spots; land for community activities or public entertainment and recreation; land for energy facilities; land for post and telecommunications facilities; land for markets; land for waste dumping and treatment, and land for other public facilities;

7. Land used by religious institutions;

8. Land used for cemeteries, graveyards, funeral service centers and cremation centers;

9. Land with rivers, streams, canals, springs and special-use water surface;

10. Other non-agricultural land, including land for motels, tents and camps for workers in production establishments; land for warehouses and houses to store agricultural products, plant protection drugs, fertilizers, machinery and tools for agricultural use, and land for other buildings of land users which are used for non-commercial purposes and not attached to residential land.

III. Unused land, including land of types for which land use purposes have not been determined yet.

The code of the above land types are specified in the Appendix issued together with Circular 25/2014/TT-BTNMT on cadastral maps as follows:

No. Types of Land Code
1 Land only for cultivation of wet rice LUC
2 Other land for cultivation of wet rice LUK
3 Upland rice land LUN
4 Flat land for cultivation of other annual crops BHK
5 Swidden land for cultivation of other annual crops NHK
6 Land for cultivation of perennial trees CLN
7 Land for production forests RSX

Land for protection forests


Land for special-use forests

10 Land for aquaculture NTS
11 Land for salt production LMU
12 Other agricultural land NKH
1 Rural residential land  ONT
2 Urban residential land ODT
3 Land for construction of offices TSC
4 Land for construction of non-business facilities DTS
5 Land for construction of cultural DVH
6 Land for construction of social DYT

Land for construction of health

8 Land for construction of education and training DTT
9 Land for construction of physical training and sports DKH
10 Land for construction of science and technology DXH
11 Land for construction of diplomatic facilities  DNG
12 Land for construction of other non-business facilities DSK
13 Land for national defense CQP
14 Land for security purpose CAN
15 Land for industrial parks SKK
16 Land for industrial clusters SKT
17 Land for export processing zones  SKN
18 Land for trading and service  SKC
19 Land of non-agricultural production establishments  TMD
20 Land used for mining activities  SKS
21 Land for production of building materials, and pottery SKX
22 Land used for transport DGT
23 Land used for irrigation DTL
24 Land for energy facilities DNL
25 Land for community activities or public entertainment and recreation DBV
26 Land for public entertainment and recreation DSH
27 Land for post and telecommunications facilities DKV
28 Land for markets DCH
29 Land with historical-cultural relics  DDT
30 Land with scenic spots DDL
31 Land for waste dumping and treatment DRA
32 Land for other public facilities DCK
33 Land used by religious institutions TON
34 Land used by religious belief institutions TIN
35 Land used for cemeteries, graveyards, funeral service centers and cremation centers NTD
36 Land with rivers, streams, canals, springs and special-use water surface SON
37 Land with special-use water surface MNC
38 Other non-agricultural land PNK
1 Unused flat land BCS
2 Unused hilly land DCS
3 Rocky mountain without trees NCS
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