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To organizing the high school exam in 2023 in Vietnam according to the motto "3 Đúng - 3 Không" (4 Yes - 3 No)

To organizing the high school exam in 2023 in Vietnam according to the motto "3 Đúng - 3 Không" (4 Yes - 3 No)

What are the procedures that need to be carried out in the process of organizing the high school exam in 2023 in Vietnam? "Minh Ngoc-Ha Tinh"

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On June 5, 2023, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam issued Official Dispatch 2742/BGDĐT-QLCL in 2023 organizing the exam for high school graduation, university enrollment, and vocational education in 2023.

To organizing the high school exam in 2023 in Vietnam according to the motto "3 Đúng - 3 Không" (4 Yes - 3 No)

In order to well organize the National High School Graduation Exam 2023, the Ministry of Education and Training proposes that Directors of Departments of Education and Training, Directors of Universities, Institutes, and Principals of Universities focus on implementing the following tasks:

- Strengthening propaganda to promptly and fully inform about the purpose, meaning, and basic contents of the exam and enrollment in 2023;

Disseminating and thoroughly grasping Directive 17/CT-TTg dated May 29, 2023 and guiding documents of the Ministry of Education and Training.

- Expeditiously issuing documents related to the organization of the exam within its competence and advise the authorities at all levels on solutions to direct to ensure that the examination organization and enrollment work are serious, honest, objective, and safe:

+ Advising and issue Directives from the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee or the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee/City Party Committee to lead and direct the organization of the exam and enrollment work in the locality.

+ Setting up the Examination Council and the Committees of the Examination Council, arrange test sites and exam rooms in the locality to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Exam Regulations and create favorable conditions for candidates.

+ Developing plans to organize exams and enrollment in the locality;

In particular, it is important to develop a backup plan to respond to and handle unusual situations, especially in the case of extreme weather, or the occurrence of natural disasters or epidemics.

- Selecting qualified, responsible personnel to participate in the organization of the exam and inspect and test the exam,
especially the key stages in the process of organizing the exam, such as printing copies of exam questions, examining them, and marking them.

Continuing to organize professional training for those participating in the exam as planned.

During the training, it is necessary to synthesize new points, forecast possible situations, and learn how to handle situations to disseminate to the participants (encouraging a post-training test and personalizing the training subjects) to ensure that all participants in the organization of the exam have a good grasp of the regulations and are proficient in their profession.

Understanding and encouraging the participants to organize the exam to implement the motto "3 Đúng - 3 Không" (4 Yes - 3 No): Comply with regulations and instructions; Correct/adequate process; Right position and responsibilities; Right time (timely handling abnormal situations); Not negligent, subjective; Do not arbitrarily handle unusual situations; No stress or undue pressure.

- Fully preparing physical facilities and arranging resources to carry out the stages of the exam and related activities to ensure the schedule, in accordance with the regulations and guiding documents of the Ministry of Education and Training.

In particular, focus on selecting locations, equipment, and building solutions to ensure security, safety, and confidentiality to serve the stages of exam organization, especially the use of software, equipment, and machinery in marking, reviewing, storing, and preserving exam questions and test papers at locations where exam activities take place.

- Actively developing plans, required content, and coordination mechanisms with relevant departments, agencies in organizing the exam. For the safety of the exam, there are a few things to keep in mind:

+ Agreeing to implement guidelines for coordination in performing security and safety tasks for the High School Graduation Exam in Document 3101/ANCTNB&QLCL dated May 1, 2023 (Attached to this Official Dispatch replaces Document No. 2369/ANCTNB&QLCL dated May 18, 2021).

+ Working closely with the police force to deploy effective solutions to prevent and combat the use of high technology to cheat in the exam especially in the context that there is a return to advertising and trading activities of camouflage equipment, sophisticated design, and microscopic features with recording, video recording, secret conversations, and ease of use. to cheat on exams.

Requiring the Examination Boards to direct the Test Scores to fully disseminate, check, and remind candidates to ensure that the items brought into the examination room (including essential items related to ensuring your own health) must not contain information for exam cheating purposes and must not have the features of storing, transmitting, or receiving information and images in any form.

Violations (whether accidental or intentional) will be handled according to regulations.

- Developing inspection and test plans; organizing professional training in accordance with the plan and guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training; seriously carrying out inspection and examination to ensure that all stages of the exam must be inspected and examined with the main objective of preventing and preventing; promptly detecting and handling errors (if any) related to exam organization and enrollment.

Le Thi Phuong Ngan

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