Vietnam: To prohibit public officials from suggesting giving or receiving money from others

Below is the content specified in Decision 758/QD-BNV dated 23/6/2021 on the Code of Conduct of cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Vietnam.

Vietnam: To prohibit public officials from suggesting giving or receiving money from others (artwork)

Clause 2, Article 4 of the above Code stipulates things that cadres, civil servants, public employees, and employees in Vietnam are not allowed to do as follows:

- Falling into social evils in any form; abusing the positions and powers of individuals or the names of agencies or organizations to settle affairs in order to take advantage of individuals, families, or relatives in order to appropriate money or property of other people, affecting the prestige of the Ministry, agencies, units and individuals.

- Having an attitude or behavior that is bureaucratic, authoritarian, bossy, corrupt, harassing, harassing people, causing tension, pressing, or intimidating people.

- Suggestions to give money, receive money, gifts, or accept work outside the agency or working hours for personal gain.

- Individual indifference, insensitivity, irresponsibility to difficulties and problems of organizations and citizens.

- To refuse legal requests of persons who need to be resolved in accordance with their assigned responsibilities and tasks.

- Losing, damaging, or falsifying records and documents related to the requirements of organizations and citizens when assigned to solve the problem.

- Must adhere to the discipline of speech; do not use social networks to exploit and propagate unverified, one-sided, one-sided information affecting public service activities.

- Reveal state secrets, work secrets, and content secrets with the full name of the person who wrote the complaint or denunciation in accordance with the law.

- Other duties as prescribed by the law on cadres and civil servants, the law on anti-corruption, thrift, waste reduction, and other relevant legal provisions

In addition, when working at the office and during the performance of their duties and public duties, officials, public servants, public employees, and employees must comply with the following regulations:

- Wear polite office clothes, neat hair, shoes or sandals with back straps.

Costumes must be suitable to the nature of the work, the characteristics of the industry and the fine customs and traditions of the nation (pants, discreet tops, skirts that are above the knee, do not slit too high, do not wear jeans, T-shirts without collars).

Encourage female cadres, civil servants, public employees, and workers to wear national costumes on holidays, Tet, or special occasions in the Ministry. Separate regulations must be implemented for industries and fields with their own standards.

(Previously, in Vietnam's Decision 2816/QD-BNV dated November 29, 2017, it was only required to wear polite office clothes and neat hair).

- Posture, manners, serious gestures, warm attitude, gentleness, humility, politeness, respect for the communicator; Use standard, clear and coherent language.

- Cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees must wear or wear name tags, badges, titles in accordance with regulations.

- Do not work separately or cause disorder during working hours.

- Do not smoke in the office or working room; do not use alcoholic beverages before and during working hours and lunch breaks on working days (unless assigned by the competent authority to serve guests according to diplomatic protocol).

(According to previous regulations, it was required not to smoke at the office or work room and not to use alcoholic beverages during working hours).

- Do not wear headphones, play music, listen to music, play video games or personal entertainment devices during working hours.

- Maintain hygiene in the office and workplace; do not burn incense; do not store depraved images, cultural content, or documents against the Party and State (previously there was no regulation on not burning incense).

Vietnam's Decision 758/QD-BNV takes effect from June 23, 2021 and replaces Vietnam's Decision 2816/QD-BNV dated November 29, 2017.

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